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The Vegetarian Butcher

Sacrifice nothing

The Vegetarian Butcher logo: A character, holding a bunch of carrots and a cleaver, with the brand name to the side
The Vegetarian Butcher surrounded by vegetables, brand products, and a set of weighing scales.

Join us in our food revolution to unleash all animals from the food chain!

The Vegetarian Butcher, also known as the only butcher, loved by people and animals, makes vegetarian meat products. With the best plant-based meats, perfectly replicated in taste, texture and nutrition, we are paying a true tribute to tradition and craftmanship. For meat lovers, by meat lovers.

Meet the Butcher for the Future

They said: “It could never be done, plant-based food will always taste like plants.” They said: “We must sacrifice it all.” The Vegetarian Butcher says: Sacrifice Nothing. Not on taste, the planet or animals.

At The Vegetarian Butcher, we believe there is nothing wrong with meat’s taste and texture; it’s the production method we challenge.

We believe there is a way we can produce meat in a more efficient, animal-friendly and environmentally friendly way: by cutting out the middleman and releasing the animal from the chain.

Just like workhorses were once replaced by tractors, there is a new technology on the horizon in the meat industry.

Our products can let many animals off the hook. Our Food Service pack of 1.75kg plant-based chicken, for instance, can release one chicken from the chain. For the consumer packs, 11 packs can do the same.

Together, we can release them all!

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If you have any questions or comments about The Vegetarian Butcher, please visit our contact page.

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