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Surf brand logo
Bottle of Surf Liquid Detergent, on a pink/white background with plants, main text: rediscover the exotic with tropical lily

With Surf laundry detergent you can give your clothes the care they need. Surf delivers great cleaning power with a fab, long-lasting fragrance.

Launched in 1953, by the 1960s, 'Square Deal Surf' became known as the value-for-money, high performance laundry powder.

Always up-to-the-minute with changes in washing habits, the 70s saw Surf launch Automatic, specially formulated for front-loading washing machines. By 1986, revolutionary enzymes for lower temperature/mixed colour wash loads had been added.

To celebrate its very own 'Golden Jubilee', Surf launched the hugely successful '99 Stains' formula in 2002. Surf promised to remove 99 of the most common stains or give your money back.

Today, Surf is the UK’s No.1 fragrance detergent brand*, with unique fragrances such as Tropical Lily & Ylang, Watermelon Breeze, and Coconut Bliss, that can elevate laundry from a mundane task to a joyful experience. With burst after burst of uplifting fragrance released right through your day, your laundry stays fragrantly fresh.


Nielsen, July 2022

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