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Sure is committed to ensuring everyone has the confidence and freedom to move regardless of ability and is striving to help everyone have the opportunity to move beyond limits through a variety of ongoing partnerships.

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For 48H Protection - Sure Essential Protection

Every second counts, whether you’re running late or running to beat your personal best. Nothing should distract you from your focus – especially not sweat. Sure Essentials are formulated to provide 48h protection against sweat and odour, so you can feel fresh, dry and protected all day long, and always prepared for whatever happens. This anti-perspirant deodorant contains Sure’s innovative MotionSense technology, which releases a burst of clean, fresh fragrance when you need it most.

For 72H Protection - Sure Nonstop Protection

Sure’s biggest upgrade in antiperspirant technology in 30 years, Sure Nonstop Protection, provides 72-hour sweat and odour protection, even after exercise. The antiperspirant has been tested to the limit to offer fail-safe, 72-hour unstoppable protection – ideal for those who worry about sweating.

Almost a decade in the making Sure Nonstop Protection works in sync with your body’s movements from application, offering round the clock resistance against sweat and wetness. Containing Sure’s Unbeatable Aerosol Anti-Sweat technology, the new Nonstop Protection range provides 2 x stronger sweat protection3. The formula protects from perspiration for up to 72 hours by forming a stronger sweat protective layer that reduces the flow of sweat onto the underarm skin’s surface, leaving you feeling dry and confident.

For 96H Protection - Sure Maximum Protection

Sure Maximum Protection is our most powerful anti-perspirant deodorant yet, providing long-lasting, maximum protection against sweat and odour. It's 3x more powerful* on sweat and odour, yet gentle enough for everyday use to keep you feeling fresh, dry, and confident for 96 hours. The patented Microtechnology forms a microshield across your sweat glands, tackling sweat and odour at its source while the innovative MotionSense technology releases bursts of fresh, clean fragrance, so you can keep going. *vs Sure basic anti-perspirant deodorant aerosol.

Sure's Commitment To Inspiring Confidence In Everyone To Move More

Sure believes in the power of movement to transform lives, and that everyone should be able to experience the incredible physical, mental and social benefits movement brings - whoever you are, however you move. However, worrying about sweat can impact confidence, with 25% of people citing sweat as a key barrier preventing them from moving [1]. That’s why Sure has invested heavily in the revolutionary 72H nonstop protection found in the new Sure Nonstop Protection range.

SURE'S BREAKING LIMITS PROGRAMME - The Not Done Yet campaign supports the Sure Breaking Limits Programme; a long-term commitment to empowering people with the confidence and opportunity to move. The programme focuses on supporting youth from some of the most marginalised communities in the UK and equips them with critical life skills such as confidence, teamwork, and resilience.

Find out more at Breaking Limits Through The Power of Movement | Sure® UK (

[1] Rexona Movement Research | Edelman Intelligence, April 2020

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