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The following is provided to meet Health & Safety regulations which are part of a european directive.

The Unilever site at Seacroft in Leeds falls under the UK’s Control of Major Accident Hazard Regulations due to the storage of flammable substances used in the production of deodorants.

The safety and environmental standards on site have been reviewed by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and Environment Agency to ensure that they meet the high standards for a site operating under the regulations. This has been demonstrated by a detailed safety & environmental report and inspections on site by the regulators.

The Seacroft site has extensive control measures in place to prevent a major accident such as a fire or explosion happening and has prepared these in conjunction with Leeds City Council and the Emergency Services.

The site is required to have an emergency plan to respond to incidents on the site itself and incidents that may affect our neighbours. This plan has been prepared with the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and is subject to regular tests.

In the event that an incident occurs that may affect our neighbours near the site, an alarm siren will sound to alert people to the situation. When the incident has been resolved, an all clear tone will be sounded.

You can hear these sirens by clicking on the links below:

Alert Siren Siren_Activation.mp4 (MP4 236.42 KB)

All Clear Siren_All_Clear.mp4 (MP4 208.91 KB)

If you hear the alert siren, you should go inside, close windows and doors, and tune into BBC Radio Leeds until the All Clear is sounded. These are the only sirens which indicate an alarm that has a potential impact off site.

The HSE has identified which of our neighbours should respond to this alert, and they have been informed by letter.

You can download the safety precautions leaflet that was included with the letter here (PDF 1.76 MB).

If you are local to the site and need more information, please contact us using the address or email details given in the leaflet.

If you hear the alarm: go in, stay in, tune in

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