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Just one Cornetto

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Two Cornettos. Text: For over 50 years, we've been perfecting our recipe to make every Cornetto, even better than the last

Known for its unique chocolate tip trademark, Cornetto has been for decades one the world's most famous and popular ice-creams.

Cornetto's soft creamy core, crunchy wafer, and delicious chocolate ending make it an exciting journey of tastes and textures from the first bite to the last. Cornetto was born in 1959, when Spica, an Italian ice-cream manufacturer based in Naples, came up with a groundbreaking innovation: to create the world's first packaged ice cream cone by insulating the wafer from the ice-cream with a special coating of chocolate.

For over 50 years we’ve been perfecting our Cornetto recipe to make the taste of every Cornetto ice cream even better than the last, taking your taste buds on a delicious journey.

Thanks to our adverts, including the famous operatic gondolier and the unique Just One Cornetto song, Cornetto ice cream has become one of the most well-known ice creams in the UK & Ireland.

We are continuously bringing new flavours to the Cornetto range. In 2021 we launched the Cornetto Soft range, an irresistibly soft and smooth ice-cream treat, still with Cornetto's legendary chocolatey tip at the base of the ice-cream cone.

Since then, we have launched a number of great tasting recipes, including Cornetto Soft Cookie & Chocolate in 2022. Made with smooth milk chocolate and cookie flavour ice cream with sweet chocolate sauce, crunchy chocolate cookie pieces on top with a crisp, crunchy golden wafer cone, it’s a delicious treat.

If you ask us, you just can't beat the irresistibly tasty combination of soft ice cream, a crunchy cone and a chocolatey tip!

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