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To win the war against unsafe sanitation

Domestos Logo
 Domestos bottle and logo on a blue background.

In the UK & Ireland, Domestos has provided families protection from harmful germs for almost a century, and was acquired by Unilever in 1961.

Domestos has the lasting power to eradicate all known germs, offering people peace of mind when tackling germs, and responsible advice for establishing sensible home hygiene regimes. From its original incarnation as liquid bleach, the brand has been extended and developed to offer a variety of products and fresh fragrances.

In 2012, Domestos, as a trusted brand in home sanitation, partnered with UNICEF aiming to improve access to clean and safe toilets for 100 million people, of which 29 million have already been helped. As part of this partnership, consumers were given the opportunity to contribute by purchasing specially marked bottles of Domestos in the UK and Ireland.

Recent innovations include the Domestos Power 5 Rim Blocks, and Domestos Power Foam – a brand new format that can spray upside down killing germs in those hard-to-reach places.

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