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Let's change beauty

Dove logo: Mittig in geschwungener Schrift ist der Markenname Dove sichtbar
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Making a genuine difference

Since 1957 Dove has grown from a moisturising Beauty Bar into a global brand with a range of products: body washes, hand and body lotions, facial cleansers, deodorants, shampoos, conditioners and hair styling.

Dove aims to be “an agent of change to educate and inspire everyone with a wider definition of beauty and to make them feel more confident about themselves”.

In 2004, Dove began its Campaign for Real Beauty, with the creation of the Dove Self-Esteem Project. Since then, the project has helped over 94 million young people in over 154 countries! The programme includes a variety of academically verified educational resources, taught in schools and in media in order to build young people’s self-esteem. Our global mission is to reach ¼ billion by 2030.

Campaigns such as Show Us, Reverse Selfie, Courage is Beautiful and Toxic Influence have contributed to Dove becoming one of the most decorated brands at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. In 2023 Dove released Cost of Beauty, a campaign raising awareness of how harmful beauty content on social media is affecting kids’ self-esteem, and taking action with industry leaders to protect kids’ mental health.

Dove is committed to widening the definition of beauty for every woman because real beauty comes in all ages, shapes and sizes. To help you enjoy your own beauty, Dove provides an extensive range of cleansing and personal care products including skin cleansing, skin care, deodorants and hair care that make a genuine difference to the condition and feel of your skin and hair.

We will continue to change beauty from a source of anxiety to a source of confidence for as many across the world.

Let’s Change Beauty.

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