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Coming together for Thank You Day


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On Sunday 4 July 2021 come together to celebrate and say thank you to those that have supported you through the last year.

The last year has been difficult for everyone but we have been there to help each other through. On Sunday 4 July the UK will be hosting the biggest ever Thank You celebration and Unilever are proud to be supporting Thank You Day 2021.

An idea which was started by 13 individuals from across the UK is now supported by hundreds of organisations across the country. Whether it’s our colleagues, neighbours, volunteers, friends, delivery drivers, healthcare workers, teachers or shopkeepers we all have someone to be thankful for.

Sebastian Munden, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Unilever UK & Ireland said; "The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the need for strong communities and so we're really pleased to see the country coming together to support Thank You Day. At Unilever we'll be saying a big thank you to our wonderful employees and wider communities for pulling together during tough times, as well as using our brands and products to help people come together to celebrate.”

Unilever brands will be showing their support for Thank You Day – helping people come together to celebrate and raising awareness of the day.

Cif and the Clean Edit will be supporting the day on their social channels to inspire ways to get involved throughout the day. Make sure you don’t miss out by keeping up with Cif on Twitter and The Clean Edit on Instagram

Keep up with Hellmann’s on their Twitter and Instagram to get recipe inspiration for the big BB-Thank-Q and cook up something tasty.

Persil will be sharing ways to get involved in community clean-ups on the day to give a big thank you to your local community for their support through the pandemic.

Wall’s will be promoting awareness of the day, encouraging everyone to take part and to share a moment of joy with a Wall’s ice cream. You can see all that they’re sharing on their Twitter and Instagram.

Find out more about Thank You Day, see what’s going on and get inspiration for how to celebrate by visiting the official Thank You Day website.

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