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Over 40% of Unilever’s aerosol deodorant portfolio in UK and Ireland converted to sustainable format within 12 months of launchUnilever invests more than £20 million in Leeds deodorant factory

Unilever UK & Ireland has taken another step in its journey to halving its environmental impact with its revolutionary compressed deodorant aerosol can, as it extends the technology across all of its four male deodorant brands - Sure Men, Dove Men + Care, Lynx and Vaseline Men.

Just one year after the successful launch of the multi award-winning1 compressed technology, Unilever has sold approximately 12 million cans of compressed deodorant, resulting in an aluminum saving of 77 tons – equivalent to 38,000 bicycles. Building on the success in their sister brands, the compressed technology is now being rolled out to include all of Unilever’s male deodorant brands and the remaining variants in its female deodorant, meaning that more than 40 per cent of Unilever UK & Ireland’s entire aerosol deodorant portfolio will be compressed by the end of the year.

The new cans require up to 50 per cent less propellant but last just as long and use up to 25 per cent less aluminum, enabling the reduction of carbon footprint of Unilever’s male deodorant category. Switching to the new compressed can reduces the overall carbon footprint of the product by up to 25 per cent. This takes Unilever closer to its challenging Sustainable Living Plan targets of halving the greenhouse gas impact of products across the lifecycle and the waste associated with the disposal of products by 2020. 

Compressed aerosols are very much a British innovation. Unilever has invested more than £20 million into a new production line in its Leeds factory, the largest deodorants factory in Europe2. The factory is co-located with Unilever’s global deodorant R&D facility where both the format and the product innovation were developed.

Mark Bleathman, VP Brand Building, Personal Care, Unilever UK & Ireland, said, “Our female shoppers have embraced our compressed cans since our launch to market one year ago and the combination of an appealing and convenient format, with lasts-as-long efficacy, and improved sustainability credentials has proven to be very popular. The success so far in our women’s deodorants range gives us great confidence as we bring this to the male deodorant market.”

Richard Swannell, Director of Design and Waste Prevention at WRAP, commented, “It is great to see Unilever roll out the new compressed aerosols to their male ranges and we hope the male consumer embraces the benefits as strongly as female users have. WRAP applauds Unilever’s leadership role in making this ‘step change’ in the aerosol format. This is exactly the type of innovative initiative that the WRAP is encouraging retailers and brands to explore as Courtauld Commitment signatories – delivering environmental benefits and added consumer appeal.”

As the UK’s – and the world’s – largest deodorant manufacturer, Unilever’s male and female deodorant brands account for more than 61 per cent3 of the UK market. With approximately 80 per cent of the UK population favouring aerosols above sticks and roll-ons, some 187 million Unilever deodorant aerosols are sold every year in the UK alone.

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