Sustain ability challenge: the store cupboard meal

Our Sustain Ability Challenge households have been saving money for gifts and treats by using up the forgotten items at the back of their kitchen cupboards.

As part of the nationwide consumer challenge to help UK households lead more sustainable lifestyles and save money on household bills, our households have been surprising themselves by creating meals from the contents of their kitchen cupboards and raiding their fridges and freezers.

Our 21-year-old student, Adam from Wolverhampton University who lives in Walsall explains:

“I live with three boys and we cook about one or two curries together per week. The rest of the time we tend to all buy food separately and cook for ourselves.

“We cook a lot of meals using food from our cupboards and freezer. We tend to do a big shop every so often where we buy meat and then package it out and put it in the freezer. We will then defrost this when we need it and do top up shops once or twice a week for little things that we need for meals like sauces and vegetables.”

Do you think you’ve run out of food in your house? Before going on your big shop this weekend, take a look in your kitchen cupboards and see what you can create. Take a look at some delicious recipe ideas from Knorr and Hellmann’s for some inspiration.

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To support Adam and his housemates throughout the six months, Unilever will be providing them with a number of tools and tips, including a meal planner and portion control tools.

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