The legendary Lynx effect.

Here at Lynx, while we salute the sentiment of the infamous ‘Sex Panther’ scent – the cologne made famous by 2004 film, Anchorman – we’ve latched onto a slightly more successful formula ‘that works 90% of the time, all the time’. And this must be true because right now over 8 million blokes across the UK & Ireland use Lynx every day. That puts a can of Lynx in 1 of every 4 households in the country.

But it’s not just the products that guys love. Lynx’s popularity is also down to its cutting-edge, award-winning marketing campaigns. From TV ads featuring the likes of Kelly Brook, to interactive Facebook campaigns starring Keeley Hazell and Jessica Jane Clement, Lynx constantly delivers ads that quickly become part of the British guy’s psyche.

How it all started

Originally launched in France back in 1983 (under the name Axe), Lynx was introduced to the UK a couple of years later in 1985. The first body spray to be launched as a stand-alone brand, Lynx originally came in three fragrances: Amber, Musk and Spice.

Since then, the Lynx Institute of Attractiveness has created dozens of great fragrances, all designed to give our customers the edge in the mating game.

And not only has our portfolio developed significantly, into anti-perspirant, stick, roll on and shower gels, but we now offer a female fragrance and most recently we’ve launched into hair styling and shampoo products to helps guys get the look that get’s the girls, and let’s not forget that the brand is now established itself as the UK’s leading male grooming brand!

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