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Domestos launches second year of Power Foam innovation


When research showed that shoppers want a toilet and bathroom cleaner that kills germs more effortlessly in the hardest-to-reach places, Domestos - the UK’s number one toilet and bleach brand and one of Unilever’s 30 power brands - came up with its biggest innovation in a decade: Domestos Power Foam Spray.

Domestos power foam products visual

Premium innovation

Unveiled as the UK’s first upside down foaming spray, with the unique 360-degree spray trigger technology, Domestos Power Foam was launched in December 2022 offering a unique and superior toilet and bathroom clean that kills germs[a] in those hard-to-reach places.

With nearly 90% of shoppers using bleach in their toilet but preferring to not use bleach on other areas such as sinks, taps or the bath[b], Power Foam delivers superior results without using bleach so it can be used as a convenient one-stop solution across all multiple surfaces.

Bringing a new and premium product to the category, every part of the product has been designed to improve the user experience: from the characteristic ‘swoosh’ sound of the spray to the ergonomic trigger, the foam that expands on the surface and its clean, fresh fragrance.

This is the brand’s biggest innovation for a decade: a premium offering that’s set to lead the growth of a category where consumers are increasingly looking for products that deliver exceptional hygiene performance coupled with convenience.

Killing germs in over 2 million homes

Since its launch, Domestos Power Foam has been used in over two million households across the UK[c], delivering over six million in retail sales value[d] in the UK in its first year, also winning The Grocers’ Top Household Cleaning Product Launch of the Year for 2023 and Product of the Year 2024 Winner in the Toilet Care Category.

Rachel Rose, Domestos Brand Manager, Unilever, said: “Domestos Power Foam is our most disruptive innovation for a decade, offering a premium toilet cleaning range as consumers are increasingly looking for products that deliver exceptional hygiene performance coupled with convenience. We set out to turn the category upside-down with this innovation and we’ve done just that."

And now, following a successful first year, Domestos is expanding its Power Foam range with a second year of new innovation, tapping into the growing trend for big fragrances in cleaning products and responding to a specific shopper need for products targeting limescale with their new Domestos Power Foam Toilet and Bathroom Floral Burst and Domestos Power Foam Toilet and Bathroom Limescale Remover.

The Floral Burst fragrance complements existing Domestos products, including Pink Magnolia Blocks and Pink Power Bleach, so shoppers can buy their full toilet cleaning regime with matching fragrances using Domestos products and the additional Limescale Remover variant helps address one of the top bathroom cleaning needs[e] and offers consumers a high-quality task specific solution.


Kills 99.9% of bacteria and enveloped viruses like Vaccinia Virus


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