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5 of our biggest in-store activations this year


The physical store plays a central role in the shopper and brand experience. In-store activations help to engage shoppers with our biggest innovations and new product launches, communicate our product superiority in a more interactive way and reinvigorate the categories we play in during key moments of the year.

Close-up of a Lynx Lift and Smell.

So how do we continue to make these products exciting and engaging products to shop in store?

Read on to discover some of our biggest in-store activations from the last year.

#CleanTok takes Asda

Leveraging our global #CleanTok partnership, we brought the world of social media cleaning trends to Asda shoppers at their Big Cleaning Event. #CleanTok, a community of ‘cleanfluencers’ sharing top tips and cleaning hacks, has become a homecare phenomenon - views of #CleanTok have surpassed other trending hashtags such as #BeautyTok by more than 20 billion views and growing.

We know #CleanTok videos are mesmerising, so what better way to captivate Asda shoppers at point of purchase than by showing these videos on digital screens placed at the front of store. Digital interactive screens allowed Asda shoppers to select videos based on their interests, and they were then shown three different TikTok cleaning transformation videos featuring our world-leading brands. It was also a brilliant opportunity to showcase ‘Cleanipedia’, our Unilever TikTok page and cleaning tips website, which covers household content across the Unilever portfolio.

Three women looking at a digital screen.

Supermarket aisles.

The power of these #CleanTok videos used in store meant that purchase behaviour of shoppers changed from 64% to 91% likely to buy, showing just how much shoppers love #CleanTok.

Introducing fine fragrance to grocery

Lynx’s Fine Fragrances are one of our biggest launches this year for our personal care business this year, creating a great opportunity to bring fragrance and build sensory connections to one of our power brands.

The senses have the capacity to capture our attention and adjust the way we perceive products as they are also closely connected to memory. To leverage this in store, we’ve introduced Lift and Smell across multiple retailers to allow shoppers to interact with the fragrances in the shopping aisle, encouraging trial and demonstrating the superiority of the fragrance to shoppers.

Lynx products on a supermarket's shelves.

Bringing the joy of ice cream to the freezer aisles

To create memorable and fun theatre in the ice cream aisles, we launched ice cream van gondola ends in Sainsbury’s last year. As an added ‘wow’ in some stores, a motion sensor played classic ice cream van music as shoppers walked past, with two rotating Twister lollies at the top of the headboard. Iconic ice cream van colours and music brought joy and fun to the freezer aisles, driving incremental sales for Unilever Ice Cream. It was such a hit with Sainsbury’s shoppers that the ice cream vans are already back in store this Summer.

An ice cream van gondola end in a Sainsbury’s freezer aisle.

Fast just got better in store with Usain Bolt

To showcase the launch of the new Persil Wonder Wash laundry detergent, one of our homecare business’ biggest launches this year, we made the “Fast Just Got Better” campaign unmissable with front of store activations featuring eight-time Olympic medallist Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man.

In Tesco, we had ‘spin to win’ stands at the front of store, giving almost 15,000 shoppers the chance to win vouchers by spinning the wheel. It was a brilliant combination of fun in-store theatre for shoppers, while also reinforcing the product’s USP, a laundry detergent specifically designed for outstanding performance, even in a 15-minute cycle.

A ‘spin to win’ stand at Tesco.

Hellmann’s is match ready as Euro’s official BBQ sponsor

Hellmann’s has been hard to miss this summer, as 2024 marks the first year that the brand is the official BBQ Partner of UEFA Euros 2024. Beyond stand out instore takeovers, there have been giant Hellmann’s bottles in some of London’s busiest train stations, Hellmann’s barbecues and football roadshows set up in supermarket car parks, and the Euro’s trophy itself making an appearance. With merchandise, BBQ bundles and match tickets to win, this partnership has come to life this summer with unmissable activations both in store and beyond.

Euro’s trophy.
Hellmann’s and BBQ stand at a store.
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