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The women behind our business and brands


This International Women’s Day, we’re putting a spotlight on the women behind our business and brands here in the UK & Ireland, who share more on their roles at Unilever, proudest moments and best career advice.


Freya Planson, Personal Care R&D Local Technical Manager

image of Freya planson

Feminism is a huge passion of mine, so to me, International Women’s Day is a special moment to really take heed of the wonderful women around us. We are strong, we are mighty, we are accomplished, we are powerful, and we rise by lifting others.

What does your Unilever journey look like?

My Unilever journey has been varied, working on and off within different roles for a total of five years. I am responsible for ensuring the local technical requirements our Skin Cleansing brands are met to guarantee full compliance in market.

Proudest Unilever moment?

My proudest achievement was acting as the Consumer Technical Insight lead for the 2021 Radox relaunch alongside my usual role. It was the largest relaunch in a decade. It’s been the project I was most excited to see ‘in the wild’, and I unapologetically took many selfies next to the new packs on shelf when it launched!

Best piece of career advice?

It’s not a race. Don’t feel pressured to constantly look for the next move. There’s no shame in developing your expertise within the same role for a length of time.

Ann Donaghey, Nutrition Transformation and Decarbonisation Manager

image of Ann Donaghey

Be curious, keep learning, embrace equity and have a network that is diverse and inclusive to enrich experiences and discussions from diverse thoughts and perspectives.

What does your Unilever journey look like?

I’ve been with Unilever almost four years, joining as Senior Factory Operations Manager of Homecare in 2019. I have since moved into a Global Engineering Team Role working on Digital Transformation for our Manufacturing Sites and am now in another Global Engineering & Sustainability Role as Nutrition Transformation and Decarbonisation Manager.

I am an ED&I Advocate as co-founder of the Global Women in Supply Chain Network an active mentor inside and outside work including BInspired and TENT (LGBTQIA+ refugee) mentoring.

Proudest Unilever moment?

I think I will always be very proud of managing Port Sunlight’s Bleach Homecare Factory during the Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of the products we make had never been greater, pulling together as a factory like never before. This was also the time we launched Women in Supply Chain, a Global Network with over 1,000 members in 50 countries.

I am currently proud to be working on Nutrition’s Decarbonisation programme to Net Zero and Digitalising our factories.

Best piece of career advice?

Find people you admire (ideally different types of people across the business) and ask them to be your mentor so you can learn how they do what you admire about them. Find your allies and also make sure you take time to focus on and showcase your career achievements.

I was one of the first females to be doing my role previously, which thankfully is changing, but there’s still work to be done to reach Equity for Everyone. International Women’s Day reminds me of the continued importance of mentoring and allyship through my voluntary work with charities like #STEMAmbassador.

Engineering was the right choice for me and being an active mentor will hopefully help others to make informed career choices.

Danielle Pullin, Customer Activation Manager

image of Danielle Pullin

The scariest or most uncomfortable situations/opportunities are the most rewarding. Embrace every opportunity and go for it! Especially the ones out of your comfort zone. Those are the moments I’ve surprised myself with my ability and grown the most.

What does your Unilever journey look like?

I’ve worked at Unilever for three years, leading Shopper Marketing Activations at Boots and across Personal Care in the UK. Our team build marketing campaigns direct to consumers at the point of purchase, whether that’s in-store or online.

Proudest Unilever moment?

I proudly launched our purpose-led partnership with Boots and the Hygiene Bank, which enabled Unilever to donate over 900,000 hygiene essentials to those in hygiene poverty. Also, I was invited by Boots to present at their away day in front of 160 inspiring Boots employees in Nottingham -it was amazing to be able to share my passion to help inspire others.

Why do you think International Women’s Day is important?

A moment to recognise inspirational women. To look back on the journey we have been through fighting for women’s rights and to fuel the energy to push the agenda further.

Helen Fenwick, Senior Manager, Corporate Affairs – Sustainability

image of Helen Fenwick

Always be true to yourself, don’t succumb to imposter syndrome, look to motivate and inspire the people around you, and make sure to keep your sense of humour.

What does your Unilever journey look like?

I’ve been working at Unilever for a good couple of decades, is all I’ll say! I work towards ensuring that Unilever’s Compass priorities around plastic and climate are being progressed within the UKI business, and that we’re working together with key external partners and stakeholders towards our targets, whether that be WRAP and the UK Plastic Pact, Courtauld 2030 for food waste, trade associations, government or others.

Proudest Unilever moment?

I’ve been privileged for more than a decade to work on Unilever UK’s contribution towards the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan and now the Compass, working with many passionate people within the business and externally to make progress on plastic and food waste reduction, and climate action. This has seen improved recyclability of our packaging, use of more recycled plastic, work to halve food waste in our business, and inspiring people to use up their food leftovers at home and make small changes to reduce their impact on the planet.

My most enjoyable achievement was leading an annual event, where almost 600 people from our UK head office were given the opportunity to come together volunteer their time to contribute towards our Sustainable Living Plan priorities, whether that was leading a Dove self-esteem workshop, being involved in an environmental improvement or conservation project, or working in a local foodbank.

Why do you think International Women’s Day is important?

It’s a day for everyone to recognise and celebrate women for what they contribute to society and their achievements. And a day to call for gender equality and call out gender inequality.

Victoria Witter, Ben & Jerry’s Brand Manager, UK

image of Victoria Witter

Don’t be afraid to disagree with the rest of the room. You have been hired for your knowledge and opinion - share it!

What does your Unilever journey look like?

I have been at Unilever for over four years. I started on the UFLP programme, which allowed me to work across a number or brands, gaining a breadth of experience. I am now the Brand Manager on Ben & Jerry’s, which is just as fun as it sounds!

As a Brand Manager, I am the champion of my brand. From planning media campaigns and experiential pop-up events to forecasting innovation volumes with the Sales team. Every day is different, and the role is very varied.

Proudest Unilever moment?

Organising a 4,000 person sold out music festival on Hastings Pier. Ben & Jerry’s Sundaes on the Pier was a celebration of all things Ben & Jerry’s and allowed us to engage with our fans like never before. It was a fun project to lead!

Best piece of career advice?

In anything you do make sure you are driving your own value. For example, if you are sharing information from another part of the business add your ‘so what’ or recommendation so you are driving the conversation forward.

Britney Sacopon, Degree Apprentice Marketing for Knorr

Headshot of Britney Sacopon

International Women’s Day is important as it celebrate amazing women’s progress and accomplishments but also raise awareness about gender equality and rights.

What does your Unilever journey look like?

I currently work in Knorr as a marketing apprentice and have been in the role for a year and a half on the Degree Apprenticeship programme. I work on a range of different projects from Digital e-commerce to artwork projects to sampling.

Best piece of career advice?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! This is how we begin to increase our knowledge and learn new things about ourselves.

Emily Pittman, Head of Unilever Ireland

headshot of Emily Pittman

If everyone made one small change this week imagine the impact that would make, it will take all of us to make a difference to create a more equitable world.

What does your Unilever journey look like?

I am the Head if Unilever Ireland, having been at Unilever for around six and a half years. I have had the honour of Sponsoring brilliant women in our business and seeing them promoted into bigger roles.

Why do you think International Women’s Day is important?

It is a moment to look back and see how far we have come but also to stoke the fire for how far we have to go. In ‘Unity’, Unilever UK and Ireland's network to champion gender balance, inclusivity and opportunity, we have created a learning moment on bias. Its time to have more difficult and uncomfortable conversations.

Best piece of career advice?

Be you – there is no point being anyone else. Sponsorship is key, find supporters who will help you go all the way.

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