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Unilever in the UK publishes 2020 Gender Pay Report


UK gender pay report illustration
  • Median pay for Unilever in the UK is 2.4% in favour of women
  • Median pay for Unilever UK Limited (UK specific operations, including factories) is 2.1% in favour of women
  • Median pay for Unilever UK Central Resources Limited (global functions based in the UK) is 14.0% in favour of men

Unilever in the UK has today published its gender pay gap results for the fourth year in line with the government’s Gender Pay Gap regulations introduced in April 2017*.

As required by government regulation for gender pay reporting, more detailed figures from our two main employing entities in the UK have been published. These are Unilever UK Limited, representing our UK specific operations, including factories, and Unilever UK Central Resources Limited, representing our global functions based in the UK.

We’ve also chosen to share our ‘Unilever in the UK’ data which looks at the combination of data from these reporting entities and members of Unilever’s executive team based in the UK.

You can read the full report and data here – Unilever UK’s 2020 gender pay gap report (PDF 2.45 MB)

Image with text block - sebastian munden
Sebastian Munden, General Manager at Unilever UK and Ireland said: “Progressing gender equality is absolutely key to a strong business and a healthy society. Every day we learn and think about where we need to speak up and do more, as well as taking action to build these values into our workplace, and to drive wider industry action and societal change. Equity, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the decisions we make to create a great workplace and great brands. This is something we want Unilever to be famous for as we believe that inclusive and equitable growth is the best way to achieve long-term value for our business and communities.”
Image with text block - Emily Pittman
Emily Pittman, Champion for Unilever UK & Ireland’s Gender Network and General Manager, Unilever Ireland, said: “As a champion of gender equality in the UK and Ireland, I’m passionate about creating the opportunity for women to succeed and be heard – not just in the workplace but throughout society too. It’s great that the UK achieved gender equality at managerial level a few years ago, but there’s still more we can do to create better gender balance in our most senior positions and teams. “We will use our employee networks in the UK and Ireland to drive forward this agenda, and ensure that we have world leading policies and programmes that boost women up and create a more equal and inclusive world.”

For a business committed to sustainable growth alongside having a positive social impact, building a gender balanced workforce is essential. We’ve made significant progress over many years through commitments to women, and by tackling bias and discrimination to build a fair and inclusive workplace.

In the UK we achieved gender balance in management positions in 2017. However, there is more to do to, particularly at senior management level where women are still under-represented.

Through our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy, of which gender is one element, we’re removing barriers and bias in recruitment and retention, establishing leadership accountability for supporting employees to excel in their roles, and aiming to achieve a workforce that is fundamentally representative of the communities we operate in.

Notes to editors

*Under UK government regulation introduced in April 2017, companies with over 250 employees are required to make and publish six calculations, including gender pay gap as a mean and median, the mean and median bonus gap, and the proportion of males and females divided into four groups from lowest to highest pay.

Businesses are obliged to report this data separately for each legal entity that has at least 250 employees. In addition to publishing overall data for our UK business, Unilever has therefore also published separate data for its two major UK employing entities - Unilever UK Ltd and Unilever UK Central Resources Ltd.

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