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Our Climate Champions

Meet the people driving climate action in our business, helping us to achieve our goals - benefiting both people and the planet.

To drive meaningful and fast action against our climate commitments, every corner of our business and teams are putting their best, and greenest, foot forward.

From our supply chain and procurement teams, our marketing and brand teams, through to our scientists and factory teams, thanks to our Climate Champions we are making changes for the good of our business and planet.

Anna Taylor – Driving greener energy in our operations

Anna Taylor smiling in a flower dress

Anna is a Strategic Sourcing Manager for Utilities and Waste. Anna oversees the purchasing of the utilities we use across our sites in the UK & Ireland, supporting Unilever factories and offices to move to renewable and more efficient energy sourcing.

Day-to-day, my role is a lot more than just buying energy, it’s about working across functions to see how we can buy greener and more sustainable energy at a viable scale for our business.

Each of our sites is a different size with different energy needs, we have factories producing 500 tonnes of products every day through to our Head Offices and R&D sites. I work closely with each to ensure we’re procuring sustainable energy in a way that can work for them and be implemented in the long-term.

I’m passionate about decarbonisation and the need to act now to reduce emissions before it’s too late for our planet”

Aoife McCarthy – Inspiring more plant-based eating

Aoife McCarthy smiling in nature

Aoife is a Brand Manager for our Knorr team in Ireland.

“In team Knorr, we are on a mission to inspire everyone to eat better for themselves and the planet. We know everything on our plates has an impact on our health and the environment. The good news is that small changes can make a big difference. By eating more plant-based meals, less meat and a wider variety of flavoursome foods, we can help change the world just by changing what's on our plate.

That’s why through our products and campaigns, for example we recently partnered with Holly White a well-known vegan Irish chef, we’re inspiring our shoppers to use Knorr products to make more plant-based meals at home - showing them how exciting and delicious they can be.”

Sushil Thyagarajan – De-carbonising our ice cream production

Sushil Thyagarajan smiling

Sushil is an Energy, Sustainability and Compliance Manager for our ice cream factory in Gloucester. The factory has 13 production lines and makes roughly 500 tonnes of product a day. As part of Sushil’s role, he is driving progress to de-carbonise the site.

“As part of my role I drive forward sustainability projects to improve the energy efficiency across our ice cream factory where we make our ice cream products including Magnum, Twister and Cornetto.

We already use 100% renewable grid electricity, so these projects are looking at moving to using more efficient and renewable thermal energy, such as biogas, which is helping towards our global net zero ambitions.

Within my role and at home, I am most passionate about reducing waste and applying a waste hierarchy of reduce, re-use, recycle and recover. I am also very passionate about reducing carbon emissions as much as possible as it contributes significantly to climate change”

Milly Moore - Innovating sustainable packaging

Milly Moore

Milly is a Research and Development Manager based in our Leatherhead office. Milly works on renovation and innovations to make our Ice Cream and Foods products more sustainable - from the manufacturing processes to the packaging that they use.

“A big part of my role is looking at our packaging and finding ways to make them more sustainable. For example, moving out of plastic packaging where possible, making our products fully recyclable or using more recycled materials. Recyclable packaging is the number one sustainability credential UK consumers look for when shopping in F&R and we want to help remove this pain point for our consumers by making it easy to dispose of our packaging so it can be recycled or reused.

Recently, I’ve worked as part of a team with colleagues from across our global business, as well as external suppliers, partners, and packaging experts, to move our Colman’s sachets out of a multi-material plastic – which was not recyclable - to a new paper-based material.

The paper packaging that we developed can be recycled in the UK and Ireland, but also safely holds our food products, with no impact on product quality - great for our shoppers and the environment. This switch has the potential to save 220 tonnes of material from going to landfill, every year.

My role here at Unilever is to focus on where our footprint is largest and moving it to the most sustainable technology available today. I'm working on some really exciting innovations and I can’t wait to see how our consumers and customers respond to our leading-edge transformations. ”

Yuves Naidoo - Developing sustainable packaging

Yuves Naidoo - Developing sustainable packaging

Yuves is a Packaging Manager based in our Port Sunlight Research Lab, focusing directly on making our packaging sustainable for brands such as TRESemmé.

“My job involves pioneering technologies and processes that enable more circular packaging with a low carbon footprint. Recently, I led a project developing a new technical solution which makes our black plastic bottles recyclable. Before this, black plastic bottles could not be detected by recycling plant scanners, so they were not recycled.

An important part of this project was building relationships with the waste management and plastic industry. For this new innovation to work, we needed to transform the infrastructure to accept the detectable black plastic bottles - if we developed a material that the recycling centres were still unable to detect it would not have been successful. So, it was really important we all worked together.

This innovation could save 2,500 tonnes of black plastic from going to waste in the UK each year, the same weight as 200 London buses, as it means our TRESemmé and Lynx bottles are now recyclable, allowing them to be detected, collected and processed.

I am passionate about packaging, especially plastic, and I love working with people who are equally as passionate. It is a great material for the safe storage of our products during transportation and use. We just need to ensure it is recycled and reused so it is kept out of our environment.”