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Graze becomes B Corp brand for commitment to healthier snacks and healthier planet


An image of the different graze oat bites on a blue background positioned next to the certification of B corporation.

graze, Unilever’s healthy snacking brand, has been awarded B Corporation (B Corp) accreditation today in recognition of their commitment to being a force for good in the world by creating healthier snacking options, operating sustainably and supporting their employees and communities.

graze now joins a worldwide B Corp community and becomes the ninth Unilever brand to gain the certification. The others include Ben & Jerry’s, Seventh Generation and Pukka Herbs.

The graze health promise

A key aspect of graze’s accreditation is their ‘graze health promise’, their ongoing commitment to creating healthy snacking options. Helping people to enjoy healthy living every day has always been graze’s mission as it continues to reimagine snacking and create products that are healthy without compromising on delicious taste.

Some of graze’s commitments and progress as part of their health promise include:

  • Over 75% of graze snacks are less than 150 kcals per potion
  • Reducing sugar in their snacks. graze has removed 160 tonnes of sugar from their products since 2019
  • No graze snacks are high in salt1
  • graze has committed to never using artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives

Caring for people and planet

Looking after its grazers’ health is just one part of the brand’s mission, the rest is about looking after the health of the planet and society that its grazers live in.

The electricity at the graze factory and bakery is 100% carbon neutral, generated by a windfarm in Scotland, and graze has made a pledge to be carbon neutral by 2030.

graze now recycles over 50% of its waste on site and has a waste reduction target of 20% year on year. Their zero waste to landfill commitment means all their rubbish goes to where it's of most use - paper to paper mills, plastic to be made into new packaging and food waste to composting, for example. And anything that can’t be recycled or composted goes for use as fuel to create electricity for local housing.

The ambition to cut unnecessary waste doesn’t end at their factories, 83% of graze packaging is fully recyclable, 79% are plastic free and their snack trays are made with 50% recycled plastic.

From its pledge to go carbon neutral by 2030, to the annual volunteering day every employee gets, graze’s focus is on new ideas - and making them count - with the brand always challenging itself to imagine better ways of doing things right for people and the planet.

Joanna Allen, CEO of graze, commented: “It’s official, we’re a certified B Corp and we couldn’t be prouder to be joining the B Corp community. It hasn’t been easy and it’s a testament to the team we have here today, who have taken graze on a wonderful journey. We’ve worked hard to improve all areas of our business to ensure we are doing good for both people and the planet, an integral part of our business strategy and purpose, as we continue to ask 'what if' to reimagine how people snack today.”

Find out more about graze and their commitment to caring for both people and planet here.

1*In accordance to the UK government’s measure of high salt levels

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