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We’re testing reusable, refillable packaging to help cut waste


This week we’ve announced that three of our brands will be launching on the LOOP UK website.

Persil's new reusable laundry detergent bottle

What is LOOP?

Bringing together a coalition of consumer goods companies, along with international recycling leader TerraCycle, LOOP™ is an innovative new business model for premium durable packaging which is delivered directly to the consumer, returned and refilled. The platform also offers the opportunity to work with others at scale to test reuse models and shift consumer behaviour, which will help make circular packaging systems commercially viable.

Our brands have developed reusable packaging that is just too good for the bin

Three Unilever UK & Ireland brands have joined the LOOP launch in the UK to test their new reusable formats within the Loop™ system. Persil, Love Beauty and Planet and our prestige brand REN Clean Skincare, have all developed reusable packaging innovations to provide a range of products including washing detergent, shampoo and conditioner as well as hand and face wash and body lotions in striking and reusable packaging.

Unilever products from Persil, Love Beauty and Planet and REN Clean Skincare, in their new reusable packaging formats

Why did Unilever get involved?

In 2017, we made a commitment that, by 2025, all our plastic packaging will be reusable, recyclable or compostable, and 25% of it will come from recycled plastic content and in 2019 we added to this commitment with new and bolder targets including halving the amount of plastic used in our packaging.

In the UK, we want to significantly accelerate this. To do this and to drive progress in tackling plastic waste, we’ve created our five-point plastic plan, ‘#GetPlasticWise'. We’re looking for ways to innovate across all our brands and developing solutions that allow us to use less, better or no plastics.

We have made good progress against these targets, but we’re determined to further reduce our reliance on single-use plastics. One of the ways we can do this is through investing in new business models around refills and reusable packaging.

We also know that consumers want to buy sustainably. Our own research shows that a third of consumers are now buying brands based on their social and environmental impact, and over half are more likely to buy products that are sustainably produced.

Our ambition is to change the way we do business which means shifting from single to multi-use packs by investing in new models, such as reusable containers. We are already learning and making progress with innovations like home refills and in-store dispensing trials. To help make this shift, we also need to work with others on these solutions, engage citizens around the experience and educate them on the benefits of changing the way they buy.

LOOP means we can work with others to test reuse models and shift consumer behaviour, at scale. This will help turn an idea or concept into something that’s commercially viable.

Image with text - Sebastian Munden, Unilever UK & Ireland
Sebastian Munden, Unilever UK & Ireland,“It’s great to be able to confirm our partnership with LOOP here in the UK and that three Unilever brands; Persil, Love Beauty and Planet and one of our prestige brands REN Clean Skincare, will be launching their products in striking reusable packaging available on LOOP’s website in the coming months. Just too good for the bin, the products not only look great, but they are great for the planet too with a circular approach to packaging which reduces plastic use and waste.” “As part of our commitment to protect the planet, we’ve set ourselves the ambitious target to halve our use of virgin plastic by 2025, including reducing our absolute use of plastic packaging. Innovation towards refillable and reusable packaging will be key to meeting this.” “Creating packaging that can be used, cleaned, refilled and re-used has been an equal challenge and opportunity for our packaging and innovation teams and we’re looking forward to working closely with LOOP here in the UK to continue to test and learn more about refills and how people respond to using them.”

To find out more about LOOP visit their website here.

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