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Persil Moves To 100% Recyclable Bottles


Persil launch new bottle that is 100% recyclable
  • Persil is re-launching its liquid detergent with changes to its packaging and formulation to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the product
  • The new bottle is 100% recyclable, made using recycled plastic and the new liquid formulation is boosted with effective plant-based stain removers
  • This launch is the first innovation in the UK as part of Unilever’s new ‘Clean Future’ commitment to lower the carbon footprint of their cleaning and laundry products

Persil, the UK’s number one fabric cleaning brand1, has today announced the launch of its new liquid formulation, the first Unilever UK & Ireland product to launch with the Clean Future vision. The new product is both tough on stains and kinder to our planet, thanks to changes made to both the packaging and formulation.

The bottles are now made with 50% post-consumer recycled plastic, are 100% recyclable and the dosing ball previously provided with every bottle has now been removed*, all of which reduce the amount of virgin plastic in Persil bottles by more than 1,000 tonnes annually.

The new liquid formulation is made with plant-based stain removers and biodegradable ingredients, which come from renewable or recycled sources. With the formula concentrated by 23%, the bottles are smaller allowing for approximately 19% less trucks on the road each year - both of which lower the carbon footprint of the product further.

Persil’s eco re-launch is the first innovation in the UK as part of Unilever’s ‘Clean Future’ commitment, a ground-breaking innovation programme and €1 billion investment, designed by the company’s Home Care division to fundamentally change the way that some of the world’s best known cleaning and laundry products are created, manufactured and packaged. Clean Future is unique in its intent to embed the circular economy principles into both packaging and product formulations at the scale of global brands to reduce their carbon footprint.

Unilever has also made bold commitments to halve the use of virgin plastic in packaging, and to collect and process more plastic packaging than sold by 2025.

Charlie Beevor, Unilever UK & Ireland VP Home Care, says: “Clean Future is our vision to transform the sustainability of our global cleaning and laundry brands. Our new Persil Liquid is just the start of providing products that are both effective and kind to the planet.”

We’ve seen unprecedented demand for our home care products in recent months, and we need to maintain momentum on how we continue to adapt and evolve our products to ensure we are continuing to lead the way in terms of sustainability. As an industry, we must break our dependence on fossil fuels and we’re proud to be leading the charge.”

Kantar, Product % of Category Volume (000 Washes) MAT, 12th July 2020
*Dosing balls still available through the care line

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