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Make taste not waste

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A well garnished burger on a plate, which is on the blue wooden table.

After 100 years, Hellmann's is much more than mayonnaise – we now have five variations on the classic theme of egg yolk, oil and water. And our Hellmann's mayonnaise continues to be the number one mayonnaise brand in the UK*.

Hellmann's was born in 1905 when Richard Hellmann began selling mayonnaise made from his wife's own recipe. Used in salads and sold in their New York delicatessen, the mayonnaise proved so popular that Hellmann began selling it in wooden boats used for weighing butter.

In 1961 Hellmann's mayonnaise arrived in the UK. Mayonnaise was a relatively new concept in Britain, so the early years were spent educating people and promoting the product as a side-of-plate condiment.

By the late 1980s the brand was well-established and advertised as 'the only mayonnaise', claiming over half of the market. In a time of greater health awareness, people also responded well to the introduction of the Light variety with less fat and fewer calories, so much so that an Extra Light, containing 5% fat – was added to the range.

In recent years we have overseen a range of exciting flavours be introduced to our brand – including Chilli Charger Mayo, Burger Sauce and Coronation Mayo. Our portfolio is the perfect source for driving our purpose to ‘Make Taste Not Waste’.

So transform a plain sandwich into a delight worthy of a New York Deli, by smearing some Hellmann’s Mayonnaise onto two slices of bread and loading up with your favourite fillings.

*Total Coverage including Discounters, Mayonnaise, MAT 20 May 2023

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