Compressed deodorant cans

In 2013 Unilever launched its biggest innovation in deodorants in over 50 years. With a radical new product design, Compressed deodorant cans give consumers the same performance as regular cans but are more environmentally friendly.

Half the size, half the propellant

Scientists at our R&D facility in Leeds re-engineered the spray system of our aerosols to reduce the flow rate. Using 50 per cent less propellant gas and 25 per cent less aluminium in the packaging, our Compressed cans are better for the environment and more convenient for consumers, yet last just as long when sprayed for the same amount of time as regular sized cans.

Lower carbon footprint

Reducing its size, less aluminium is needed to make the can and the carbon footprint per can is reduced by around 25%. This also means that more cans can be transported at a time, resulting in a 35% reduction in the number of lorries on the road.

Helping achieve two ambitious targets

Compressed deodorants allow Unilever to make progress towards two of our ambitious Sustainable Living Plan targets: to halve the greenhouse gas impact of products across the lifecycle by 2020, and to halve the waste associated with the disposal of products by 2020.

If a million users use a Compressed deodorant instead of a regular product, we save 124 tonnes of carbon dioxide and 7 tons of aluminium. This equates to the carbon dioxide emissions of a car travelling 22 times around the earth and enough aluminium to make almost 3,500 bikes. In addition, we actively encourage consumers to recycle their used aerosol cans. 

87% of local authorities in the UK accept empty aerosols for recycling, in either kerbside collection boxes or in can banks. In areas where your local authority uses magnetic extraction, aerosols are automatically recycled. Please contact your local authority for more details or go to:

Meeting shoppers’ needs

To cater for all of our shoppers’ needs and preferences, we offer a choice of regular aerosol cans as well as Compressed. Compressed aerosol cans are available in the Sure and Dove brands in 125ml size (equivalent to 250ml regular can) and are available in-store and online in the main deodorant aisle. For the perfect travel deodorant, the portable 75ml Compressed cans (equivalent to 150ml regular can) are available in Sure and Dove and can be found in the travel section in-store and online.

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