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Brut Original Antiperspirant Stick

We take great care to ensure information on this site is up to date. However, please always check product packaging for the most up to date ingredients used.

Below you will see the ingredients we have used within this product. Clicking on the arrow next to each ingredient provides you with information on what role it plays in the product. Due to limited space on pack, we also disclose a longer list of fragrance ingredients. For recently launched products or where the formulation has changed, this detailed fragrance information might not be immediately available as it takes time to update each product page.

Ingredients correct at time of publishing, always check product packaging.

All product names which include a date (month and year) are no longer manufactured.


Cyclopentasiloxane Solvent
Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY Antiperspirant Agent
PPG-14 Butyl Ether Skin Conditioning Agent
Stearyl Alcohol Emulsifier
Hydrogenated Castor Oil Skin Conditioning Agent
PEG-8 Distearate Emulsifier
Talc Additive
Parfum Fragrance

Provides a distinctive, pleasant smell

  • Amyl Salicylate

    Amyl Salicylate

    A floral scent with green and balsamic aspects. This ingredient is found in grapes and tea.

    Scent Scent Floral Floral

  • Anisaldehyde


    A sweet and powdery almond note. It is often used in compositions with floral notes to add a powdery touch.

  • Benzyl Acetate

    Benzyl Acetate

    A fruity, banana fragrance reminiscent of jasmine. This ingredient is found in various flowers including jasmine and narsissus.

    Scent Scent Fruity Fruity

  • Ethyl Trimethylcyyclopentene Butenol

    Ethyl Trimethylcyyclopentene Butenol

    A bright sandalwood scent with a rose facet. It is mainly used for sandalwood notes, woody and oriental fragrances.

    Scent Scent Woody Woody

  • Ethylene Brassylate

    Ethylene Brassylate

    A powdery and floral musky scent full of softness. It can be used in all types of fragrance accords.

  • Heliotropine


    A soft, anisic and powdery scent. This ingredient is found in Tahitian vanilla, acacia and sassafras. It is widely used in perfumery in powdery accords, and also in florals like carnation, mimosa and lilac.

    Scent Scent Floral Floral

  • Hydroxycitronellal Methyl Anthranilate

    Hydroxycitronellal Methyl Anthranilate

    A warm orange flower scent. This orange flower smell is often used to give richness and sensuality to flower fragrances, especially in tuberose.

    Scent Scent Floral Floral

  • Hydroxycitronellol


    A rose and lily of the valley scent. This ingredient is found in grapes.

    Scent Scent Floral Floral

  • Lavandula Angustifolia Oil

    Lavandula Angustifolia Oil

    An aromatic and floral scent. Lavender oil is obtained by distilling lavandula officinalis chaix.

  • Lavandula Hybrida Oil

    Lavandula Hybrida Oil

    A herbal lavender scent.

  • Lemon Oil Terpenes

    Lemon Oil Terpenes

    A lemon note. This ingredient is extracted from lemon oil.

    Scent Scent Citrus Citrus

  • Linalyl Acetate

    Linalyl Acetate

    A soft lavender scent with bergamot and petitgrain facets. This ingredient is found in different natural oils such as rosewood or hô wood.

    Scent Scent Floral Floral

  • Ocimum Basilicum Oil

    Ocimum Basilicum Oil

    Basil oil has an aromatic, spicy, anisic scent. This ingredient is obtained by distilling Ocimum basilicum L.

  • Oxacyclohexadec-12-en-2-one, (12E)-

    Oxacyclohexadec-12-en-2-one, (12E)-

    An elegant and substantive musky note with a typical warm and slightly woody undertone. It is ideal for musk combinations with clean, dry woody notes and underlying transparent floral compositions with fruity facets.

  • Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil

    Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil

    A scent of rose notes accented by hints of citronella and mint. Commonly known as geranium oil bourbon, this ingredient is extracted from the pelargonium plant.

    Scent Scent Floral Floral

  • Phenethyl Alcohol

    Phenethyl Alcohol

    A floral rose note with a hint of honey. This ingredient is found in a variety of flowers including rose, hyacinth, carnation, orange blossom and geranium.

  • Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Extract

    Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Extract

    An intense and long-lasting woody note with a light and transparent touch. Its olfactive profile is reminiscent of patchouli. It is produced from sugarcane.

    Scent Scent Woody Woody

  • Triacetin


    odourless. This ingredient is present in papaya. It is used mostly to dissolve ingredients in fragrance compositions.

Benzyl Salicylate Fragrance
Limonene Fragrance
Linalool Fragrance
BHT Antioxidant
Citronellol Fragrance
Hydroxycitronellal Fragrance
Geraniol Fragrance
Coumarin Fragrance
Benzyl Benzoate Fragrance
Citral Fragrance
Eugenol Fragrance
Amyl Cinnamal Fragrance
Benzyl alcohol Fragrance
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