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Transparency in our UK & Ireland tea supply chain

We are proud to make some of the UK and Ireland’s best-loved tea brands

Tea brands

As the biggest buyer of tea across the world, we are committed to continuing to make our tea supply chain more sustainable. This starts with caring about the people who pick our tea leaves and goes all the way through to how we blend our tea, our packaging and the environmental impact tea production has on our planet.

We know we can’t transform the tea supply chain on our own. We therefore collaborate closely with many partners, including our suppliers, NGOs and local and national governments. In 2017, we became a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), a not-for-profit organisation that brings together the world’s most influential tea businesses to create a fairer, better and more sustainable tea industry for tea workers, farmers and the environment.

We source tea from all around the world. For the brands listed above, sold in the UK and Ireland, 100% of our tea comes from Rainforest Alliance certified farms. A large amount of our tea is grown in our own plantations in Kenya and Tanzania. The rest we buy directly from large tea producers, auctions or via brokers. We believe it’s important to know where our tea comes from as this is the starting point for any action that makes a positive impact where it matters most.

As a next step in our journey to become more transparent, we are happy to share this information with all of you who drink and love our tea. Take a look at where we source our tea in the downloadable pdf (PDF | 140KB).

Find out more about our other UK tea brands, T2 and Pukka.

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