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Solero trials first ever wrapper-less multipack to help reduce plastic use in the home


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* Pioneering trial sees 35% less plastic in Solero Organic Peach pack compared to original Solero Organic pack * The trial is part of Unilever’s #GetPlasticWise ‘Five Point Plastic Plan’ which aims to rethink plastic

Wraperless Solero ice cream.

(London, 13 June 2019)

Today Unilever announces the launch of the first wrapper-less ice-cream multipack for Solero Organic Peach, with 35% less plastic compared to the original Solero Organic pack with individual plastic wrappers.

The new, innovative box has built-in compartments, so the individual ice creams can be inserted, without a plastic wrapper, and the box can be widely recycled in the UK. Made from a specially designed PE (Polyethylene) coated cardboard, the design ensures Solero lovers can enjoy the ice lollies without compromising on the quality of the ice cream.

This trial is the latest innovation in Unilever’s ‘#GetPlasticWise’ initiative which aims to rethink plastic in the UK. The plan sees Unilever working collaboratively with partners to seek out solutions plus support and educate consumers on how they can reduce plastic consumption.

The wrapper-less ice-cream multipack for Solero’s Organic Peach range is being trialled exclusively with Ocado, with a limited number of products, to test the new packaging and gather consumer response.

Noel Clarke, Vice President of Refreshment at Unilever, said: “As we head towards summer, we’ve listened to our customers and are working hard to rethink plastic packaging for our ice cream ranges. We’re delighted to be trialling this wrapper-less Solero multipack with Ocado in the UK. If successful and the feedback from customers is positive, this innovative pack could reduce the amount of plastic we use in the future to package our ice creams.”

Solero is committed to ensure that delivering its ice creams’ real fruit experience does not come at the cost of the earth. This pilot is the first step in the journey of creating a more sustainable packaging. Solero Organic Peach, launched in January 2019, is certified organic, contains 60 kcal per lolly, whilst also being suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.

Earlier this year Unilever launched its ‘#GetPlasticWise’ campaign, a holistic approach to rethinking plastic. This launch reflects its commitment to ensure that, globally, all of its plastic packaging is fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025, and to using more recycled plastic content in its packaging.

For the UK and Ireland, Unilever wants to significantly accelerate this, as well as making a significant contribution towards the UK Plastics Pact targets.

Helen Bird, Strategic Engagement Manager at WRAP (which manages The UK Plastics Pact), said: “We’re really impressed with the level of innovation and creativity that Unilever, a founding member of The UK Plastics Pact, has shown in developing this new pack. It will be welcomed by shoppers who we know want to be able to recycle the packaging they bring home from supermarkets. We look forward to seeing the results of the trial.”

You can get your very own Solero wrapper-less pack from Monday 17th June at: Please check the Ocado website for more information on ordering and delivery.

Notes to Editors

For more information about the new Solero range please contact the team on or 020 7260 2700.

About Solero Peach Organic

  • Solero Organic Peach ice lolly has an outer refreshing water ice of peach, with a juicy puree soft centre.
  • Each individual stick contains 60 kcal, is also suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets and is gluten free.
  • We take the quality and safety of Unilever products extremely seriously and, even without a wrapper, all standards are met.

About Unilever UK’s new Five Point Plastic Plan

Unilever’s new ‘#GetPlasticWise’ campaign comprises a Five Point Plastic Plan, which is a holistic approach to rethinking plastic which reflects Unilever’s ambition ensuring all its plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025, as well as increasing use of recycled plastic content in its packaging. In addition to this, the plan sees Unilever working collaboratively with partners to seek out solutions plus support and educate consumers on how they can reduce plastic consumption. Working towards a closed loop, the Five Point Plastic Plan focusses on five key areas:

  • Increase the amount of recycled content we use and the recyclability of our packaging
  • Reduce the amount of plastic in our products and business, and ensure that the plastic we do need can be reused, recycled or composted
  • Seek alternatives to plastic
  • Support positive behaviour change with our consumers and employees
  • Work collaboratively with a range of partners to affect change

About UK Plastics Pact

Unilever is a founding member of The UK Plastics Pact which has a vision for an economy where plastics never become waste. It brings together the entire plastics packaging value chain behind this vision, including governments, businesses, local authorities, NGOs and consumers, and commits to a set of ambitious targets by 2025:

  • Eliminating problematic or unnecessary single-use packaging through redesign, innovation or alternative (re-use) delivery models
  • 100% of plastics packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable
  • 70% of plastics packaging effectively recycled or composted
  • 30% average recycled content across all plastic packaging
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