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New marketing campaign to help people with ‘The Mondays’


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Marmite has launched a new radio and social media marketing campaign, fronted by BBC presenter John Craven, that directs listeners to a Marmite Monday helpline for some uplifting advice.

Monday mornings often come with a feeling of dread, with 33% of Brits hating Mondays more than any other day. Marmite created their ‘Hate Mondays. Love Marmite.’ campaign to help fans feel more positive about the start to their week.

The campaign runs each Monday from 7th March to 4th July and includes a series of voiceovers by John Craven, explaining how ‘a Case of The Mondays’ is a condition which can be helped by calling the Marmite Monday Helpline. Callers can leave their name and email address to receive a Marmite money-off coupon.

The activity is also activated on Facebook and Twitter, where Marmite will offer fans advice and invite them to air their Monday woes.

Philippa Atkinson, Assistant Brand Manager for Marmite, said: “No matter who you are or what you do, Mondays are always a struggle. Our new campaign is all about acknowledging that and helping people to smash through the beginning of the week – the hearty and powerful taste of Marmite can give any breakfast a lovely oomph so Blue Mondays can be a thing of the past.”

The Marmite Monday helpline can be reached at 0800 832 1835.

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