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‘Wich: bringing cookies and ice cream together, any ‘Wich way!


Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s flavour gurus have been hard at work, thinking out of the tub to make their legendairy Cookie Dough ice cream even cookier! Say hello to the ‘Wich family – perfectly sand’Wiching Ben & Jerry’s best loved ice cream flavours between two scrumptious soft baked cookies.

The ‘Wich is the latest addition to the Ben & Jerry’s Fairtrade family featuring flavours fans know and love in the all new Cookie Dough ‘Wich… and, for the chocoholics out there, Chocolate Fudge Brownie ‘Wich!

Helping to make this news all the sweeter, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the ‘Wich:

  • Lovingly embrace Ben & Jerry’s on the go, with the hand-finished and individually wrapped ‘Wich! An irresistible handful of Cookie Dough or Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream, sand’Wiched between two soft-baked chocolate chip cookies! Snack-tastic.
  • Cookie Dough lovers wanting to stock up (or share the euphoria!) can grab the Cookie Dough ‘Wich multipack, giving you three ‘Wiches to enjoy or give to your nearest and dearest.
  • Good things also come in small packages, ‘Wich is why our flavour gurus concocted the Son of a ‘Wich…! Eight mini ‘Wiches, nestled in a share-pack, made of irresistibly creamy vanilla chocolatey chip ice cream, sandwiched between soft-baked chocolate chip cookies!
  • Finally, where would a new Ben & Jerry’s family be without a tub of its own? Dig into Cookie Dough S’Wich up - combining all the magic of cookies and ice cream in a tub, ideal for those sofa spooning moments.

Ben and Jerry’s flavour guru Andrea Ball, says: “Cookies and ice cream have always been close to our hearts and spoons here at Ben & Jerry’s… and we figured it was about time we gave our fans more ways to enjoy them together. Even we know there’s a time and a place for the whole tub and spoon thing; sometimes you want a smaller bite and others you want to dig right in. The new ‘Wich family lets you enjoy the cookie ice cream combo any ‘Wich way!”

“The flavour gurus have done it again,” says Ben and Jerry’s UK Brand Manager, Alessandra Salvo. “Our gurus have consciously coupled scrumptious soft-baked cookies with much loved Ben & Jerry’s flavours, to offer fans a truly delicious ice cream experience that can be enjoyed whenever and wherever! It’s never been easier to share Ben & Jerry’s with friends, family or keep all to yourself (we won’t judge!).”

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