Unilever Future Leaders’ League

Unilever Future Leaders’ League is a dynamic marketing competition that brings together students from all over the world who want to experience what tomorrow’s leadership is all about. Joining UFLL means enrolling in a creative brand challenge where you will be working with real brands and real cases. It is a thrilling hands-on experience that will allow you to understand a leading business from the inside, to be developed by the top leaders that build and manage our globally well-known brands and to boost the skills you need to become a future leader.

At Unilever we are looking for people who believe that a better world is possible, people who also share the vision of responsible leadership and sustainable business, people willing to make a bright future. If you are one of these people, Unilever Future Leaders’ League is your place!

To find out more please visit: www.unilevereuropefll.com