International Internships

Unilever offers you the experience of working in an international environment


You will join our Marketing team, either at our global headquarters in London or our European headquarters in Rotterdam. Here you will work together with our leadership team to strategically develop iconic brands such as Ben & Jerry's, Dove, Lipton or Knorr.


You will join our Finance team at our European Operations Centre in Katowice or Rotterdam. Here you will work on projects that will show you how finance has a major influence on the future of the brand-and the world.

Supply Chain

Here you will have an impact on our logistics across the European countries in Katowice. You will support the challenge of creating sustainable delivery processes for our diverse products in several markets.

How it works...

The Unilever International Internship Programme is a six month opportunity for students within their penultimate or final year at university (Bachelors or Masters) or who have recently graduated within the last 6 months.

As an International Intern you will receive guidance on how to find accommodation in the new location as well as compensation based on the local conditions in your location.

If you feel passionate about our brands & business, have strong analytical and communication skills, are a resilient team player, and a pro-active thinker – don’t hesitate to apply for the UIIP!

Application process

Our International Internships run twice a year – March and September.

The application process consists of an online application form, a digital interview and a final round skype interview with a hiring manager which will include a case study.

Get to know Michael

UIIP - Get to know Michael

Listen to Michael’s story who has completed an international internship at the European Headquarter of Unilever

Get to know Berta

UIIP - Get to know Berta

Listen to Berta’s story who has completed an international internship at the European Headquarter of Unilever

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