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Application help

You can speed up your application by having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. Follow these tips for more on how to make the best of your application to Unilever's Future Leaders Programme.

Hints & Tips for the UFLP applications

How can I start my application?

Pull information from your LinkedIn profile to help you save time in the application process - and fill in your application carefully. Check that your contact number and email address are correct, as these are the only ways we can contact you.

How can I prepare for the profile assessment games?

No preparation is needed – and no gaming experience is required for you to play these games. Make sure you're in a quiet space where you won't be interrupted. There are no right or wrong answers. Enjoy the experience - the purpose here is for you to find your best fit.

How can I prepare for the digital interview?

Create a distraction-free environment. It is important to treat the on demand interview as though it was a face-to-face interview. You want to give the best impression possible, and having a quiet, distraction-free background is one step to ensuring that.

Look at the camera, not at the screen. Looking at your webcam while speaking gives the feeling of eye contact to the assessor.

Dress as you would for a traditional face-to-face interview. Your dressing will play an important part in making a good impression.

Log in early to run the system set up; check your camera, connection and microphone.

Do the practice questions. Attempting the practice questions will help you get comfortable with the style and pace of an on demand interview.  These are NOT real questions from your interview set, and will not be assessed by Unilever.

The business case uses Unilever brands from around the world so it may be that you have a hypothetical question based on a brand which you are unfamiliar with in your local country. Don’t worry – we’re looking at the way in which you respond and demonstrate your critical thinking around the case. If it would make you feel more confident - you could do some research into our international brands.

What advice can you give for the Discovery Centre Day?

Make the most of it. The selection day is designed to give us a realistic picture of you and your abilities – to find out exactly what makes you tick and see if you possess the innovative, drive and ambition to help propel Unilever to greater heights. In addition, it will also give you an insight into the way we work and give you the opportunity to meet some of our senior leaders as well as our current graduates.

Speak up. During the team meetings, it may be difficult to voice your opinion with other candidates trying to do the same thing, but make sure you get your point across and give your input. If you do not contribute to the team meeting and say nothing, we will not have any evidence to evaluate you for that exercise.

Prepare. Build up an understanding of the business and your business area of interest in advance. While this is an important part of the recruitment process, try not to be too stressed about it, and don't forget to smile.

Ask your own questions. This selection process is a two-way process, so feel free to ask any questions at any stage.

Top tips

Be yourself. We cannot stress this enough. There is no point in telling us the politically-correct answer or what you think we want to hear. We hire people because we believe their personality will flourish here, so pretending to be someone you are not will not do you any favours.

Be engaging and enthusiastic. Take your time in answering the questions. Do not be afraid of a short silence while you thinking an appropriate response. A brief, well-thought-out answer would be the best. If you are unclear about the question, take your time to think and answer clearly.

Review your feedback from each stage. What have your learnt about yourself? Reflect on any key messages and how you might use them in the future.

How do I apply to a different country?

To find out more about application details in a specific country, please visit one of our local careers websites by clicking on 'Unilever Global' at the top of this website, selecting the relevant country and browsing to the careers section.

Apply now

Group of Unilever employees

Applications for the Unilever Future Leaders Programme are now closed.

Applications for Industrial, Summer and Spring Programmes are now closed until October. We recruit on a rolling basis, which means roles will be filled on a first come first served basis. We therefore advise you to apply as soon as possible.

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