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Zoe, Business Analyst Apprentice

Zoe Zampini Busines Analyst

Why did you start your career with Unilever?

My values were reflected in Unilever sustainability plan. In particular, the third big goal within the plan, ‘enhancing livelihood for millions’. This goal has a focus of creating opportunities for women and fairness in the workplace.

What’s your proudest achievement at Unilever?

I was given the chance to talk in front of an all-girls school on the topic of encouraging women into technology subjects. This was a big achievement for me as I developed my confidence and spoke about something that I believe is very important.

What do you love about working here?

The encouragement and support I receive from my team is what I love the most. I am trusted with many responsibilities and feel I am a valued member of the team.

What surprised you the most when you started?

That we have a pool table and arcade games that we can play on our lunch!

Which Unilever brand most interest you and why?

Dove. ‘The Self –Esteem’ Project is truly inspiring and positively influences girls to embrace their beauty.

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