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Scott, Engineering apprentice

Scott, Engineering apprentice, next to Solero

I applied for the apprenticeship scheme because I wanted to earn whilst I got trained, I had experience from another company and knew this sort of apprenticeship that Unilever was offering was what I wanted to do. The scheme really appealed to me with the amount of opportunities and the qualifications that I would come away with. I had researched apprenticeships and their growth in recent years was astonishing, I was surprised how popular apprenticeships are these days.

There are many more interesting things I’ve learnt and experienced from being in college full time for the first year such as the electrical installation, to the sheet metal and machine work. I have been placed with different engineers and had different roles all around the factory. This is done so that I can experience all parts of the factory and the different processes to help me gain an understanding about what’s going on and why. I love this as I’ve learnt so much!

The most exciting thing I’ve had to do is climb underneath the flexi drum in the washing powder machine in order to fix it. I had to take apart the components and replace a tensioner which runs a chain rotating the drum. It was challenging, but so interesting – especially learning the technological process behind the washing powder that ends up in the box.

At the start of the apprenticeship I thought about the 4 year apprenticeship and doing the job for many years, but Unilever has shown me how far I could go with the different opportunities - they have changed the way I think about my future!

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