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Lizzie, Information Technology apprentice

Lizzie, Information Technology apprentice, in front of Lynx cans

I applied for the apprenticeship scheme as I wanted to be able to learn on the job. I finished my A levels and although I didn’t want to completely give up on education, I felt University wasn’t right for me and therefore felt that if I was learning whilst earning it would work out better.

What I love most is being able to help people. Unilever colleagues rely on the technology within the company so much and therefore if it ever goes wrong they come straight to us. I love being able to help people and provide a service. This is a great feeling as it means that what I am doing is making an impact on the company.

The apprenticeship has massively changed the way I feel about my career, when I see my managers going in and out of meetings it gets me excited as for what I might have to come. They’re making huge differences to Unilever and it must feel great when they can be the one to deliver our good teamwork to the directors to show them what we have achieved.

If somebody was wanting to apply for an apprenticeship at Unilever I’d say just go for it! You have nothing to lose! Be yourself and strive to achieve. This apprenticeship has already taught me so much and I know that I have progressed as a person since starting. Although it might seem scary when you are interviewing, once you get to know the apprenticeship employment team, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, don’t be afraid to make mistakes we all do it!

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