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Julia, Research & Development apprentice

Julia, Research Development apprentice, holding PG Tips box

I had never come across an apprenticeship like this before and thought the traditional route would be my only option if I wanted to get a degree. I hadn’t even considered that an apprenticeship could be an option for me. After finding out more I realised what an amazing opportunity it would be; no student debts, a degree and four years’ work experience at Unilever on my CV! I felt this was even better than going to university they typical way so there was no way I wasn’t going to apply.

I have a keen interest in science so I love being able to apply what I have learned in university to my job on a day to day basis. Before beginning my job I had no idea how much effort goes into the products that we take for granted.

I love having the opportunity to work within 4 different groups during my apprenticeship. We’re asked what we are interested in and if there is a particular group we want to work with. I’ve been lucky enough to be given a job within the groups that I have shown interested in, this has given me the opportunity to see as much of the business as I possible and work on many different products e.g. shampoo, conditioner and laundry detergent.

I know that I enjoy working within R&D and will look for a job within Unilever when I graduate, without this opportunity I don’t think I would have any clue as to what sort of career I would want to go into. I feel that I will definitely have an advantage over other graduates because I will have been in this job for four years.

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