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Application hints & tips

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We hope you found this section useful – best of luck!

The application process for each of our programmes can differ slightly, but they always start with an online application form. This is where you’ll fill in information about your education history, previous experience, interests and activities, volunteering and any positions of responsibility. 

Apprenticeships hints & tips

What’s the best way to complete the application form?

The Unilever Apprenticeship programme is competitive so it’s important that your application form is an accurate and captivating account of why you’re interested in, and what makes you suitable for, the programme you are applying for.

Fill In Your Application Carefully

This is your first opportunity to make a good impression and will decide whether you go through to the next stage of the recruitment process so make sure it’s accurate, thorough and that you spell-check it. Check that your contact phone number and email address are correct as these are our only ways to contact you.

Use Examples

Think about what the question is looking for and try to use relevant examples from all aspects of your academic achievements, personal life, work or volunteering experience (if relevant) to convince us that you’re ready for this type of role and programme.

What should I do during the interview?

Be Engaging & Enthusiastic

Whether it’s a telephone interview or a face-to-face, take your time answering questions, don’t be afraid of a short silence while you think about your best example. A brief, well-thought-out answer is best. If you’re unclear about the question being asked, then ask for it to be repeated so you understand the question and can then answer it accordingly.

Be Honest

You should answer each question honestly and realistically. Give us the answers that reflect your thoughts and your individual experience of life. That is the only way we can accurately establish if you are the right fit for Unilever and vice versa, just let the conversation describe you.

Give Real-Life Examples

Think widely about the roles and responsibilities you have had to date and your achievements, whether in a social, academic, work or community context.

Ask Your Own Questions

Interviews are a two-way process, so feel free to ask questions.

What tips do you have for the Assessment Centre?

Make The Most Of It

An assessment centre is a full day consisting of different activities: for example, individual presentations, group exercises and interviews. The assessment centre is designed to give us a realistic picture of you and your abilities – to find out exactly what makes you tick and see if you have the potential to succeed in the apprenticeship programme.

Be Yourself

We can't stress this enough. We hire apprentices because we believe their personality will flourish here, so pretending to be someone you're not won't do you any favours. The assessment. Just as importantly, it will also give you an insight into the way we work and give you the opportunity to meet some of our line managers as well as our current apprentices.

Speak Up

During the group exercise, it may be difficult to voice your opinion with other people trying to do the same thing, but make sure you get your point across and give your input. If you do not contribute to the group discussion and say nothing, then we don’t have any evidence to assess you on for that exercise.


Build up an understanding of the business in advance. Explore our website but also visit our social media channels. There’s some great videos on You Tube that provide lots of information about Unilever as a company and of course, our world famous brands.

Test yourself

How much do you really know about Unilever?

Where are our offices in the UK?

How many countries do we operate in globally?

How many can you name?

What are the names of some of our iconic ice-cream brands?

How about our food and household brands?

What’s your favourite Unilever hair or personal care product?

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