About allergies and products

Learn more about skin allergies and search for products which might suit you.

Our approach to helping with allergies

This page tells you all about skin allergies and how to identify products which might suit you.

Some ingredients can cause allergic reactions in a small number of people and we work hard to ensure we are using the lowest possible amount of these ingredients. Some ingredients are too important to leave out because of their function and benefit for most consumers.

We decide what goes into our products based on three things: what people prefer, our own safety checks and regulations of countries in which our products are marketed.

We know allergen information is important for the small percentage of people who may be sensitive to certain ingredients. That’s why we give clear information about what’s on our products.

What products can you use if you have an allergy?

A small number of people can become allergic to certain fragrance ingredients. Therefore we have created a database to help people find products which may be suitable.

If you know which fragrance ingredient you’re allergic to, we can show you products that may be suitable for you to use. If you’re allergic to more than one ingredient, make sure you check for each one when you’re looking at a product. Because there may be different variants of a product available in stores, make sure you always read ingredient information on-pack too.

The below ingredient list is comprised of fragrance allergens regulated in Europe. We include fragrance allergen ingredients in the ingredient listing on our product labels – but now you can use the tool below to search for products.

If you are not sure if you have an allergy to a fragrance ingredient, you should seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

Choose an ingredient you have an allergy to and the products using the filters above

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Tell us what you’re allergic to and we’ll show you which products might suit you. If you’re allergic to more than one ingredient, make sure you check for each one when you’re looking at a product.

Our search tool includes allergens for which dermatologists commonly test with patients who may have allergies.

All about skin allergies to ingredients in home and personal care products

Medical Disclaimer

All the content on this website was created for informational purposes and contains general medical information only. It should not be relied on for any specific purpose and no representation or warranty is given as regards its accuracy or completeness. None of the content is medical advice and should not be relied on as such – if you have any questions about a potential allergy or other medical condition seek advice from a health care professional.

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