St. Ives has spent more than 30 years exploring the skin care benefits of ingredients from nature. We use dozens of ingredients, from apricot to oatmeal – and we can help every type of skin look and feel fresher and younger.

Your skin can look and feel beautiful with ingredients from nature. We use the ingredients that nature has provided so that you can give your skin the loving care it needs. Our range of facial scrubs, facial wipes and body scrubs have all been designed to harness the power of nature to protect, revitalize and treat your skin.

Our respect for nature's powers goes hand-in-hand with a respect for the environment. We make every effort to source our ingredients sustainably, cut waste, and use eco-friendly packaging. The natural world is a vibrant source of energy and life and we are as committed to preserving its vitality as we are to bringing you its best ingredients for beautiful skin.

Founded over 25 years ago, the St Ives brand set out to create a quality line of skin care products inspired by nature. Since then St. Ives has been dedicated to bringing you the best of nature with formulas that delight the senses and leave your skin with a soft, fresh feel.

We understand that the little everyday choices we make help to better your life. That's why St. Ives is a formulator of quality products. Today St Ives products have a presence globally in over 100 countries, and women all over the world love its flagship product - our Apricot Scrub. In the UK, as in many other countries, St Ives Scrubs are the No. 1 Scrub brand.

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