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Since its launch in 1920, Stork spread has established itself as one of the most trusted names for home baking – leading the baking sector in the UK & Ireland.

Margarine was discovered in 1869 by a French food research chemist called Mege Mouries. Louis Napoleon III offered a reward for anyone who could produce an acceptable alternative to butter that was affordable for those who did not live off the land. Whilst Mege patented the concept in 1869 and expanded his initial manufacturing operation from France, he had little commercial success. In 1871, Mouries sold his know-how to Jurgens, now part of Unilever.

Stork was first introduced as a branded margarine in the 1920. In the 1930s, Stork taste tests began on Radio Lyons. Advertising campaigns included "The Energy Giver" to dispel thoughts that margarine was unhealthy. The Stork Cookery Service was launched in 1939 to help housewives discover cooking with margarine when food rationing began.

Rationing ended in 1954 and the Stork name reappeared. The first edition of the Art of Home Cooking was produced and the first Stork TV ads were shown in 1955.

Stork soft tub margarine was introduced in the 1970s. It pioneered the all-in-one method of making sponge cakes. TV advertising featured Bruce Forsyth and TV taste tests were fronted by the late Leslie Crowther. In the 1990s Stork became a founder member of the "Get Britain Baking" campaign, designed to encourage more people to take up home baking. In 1995, the brand celebrated its 75th birthday.

Now in 2016 the baking trend is back! And once again Stork is helping Britain to bake better. From beginner bakers to celebrity chefs the Stork range has all your baking covered. Stork block in a foil wrapper is perfect for pastry and Stork tub a versatile ingredient for traditional methods of baking. Whether you’re creating cupcakes for tea with the girls, a light and fluffy Victoria sponge for a picnic, or rustling up some tasty treats for a party, Stork brings tried and trusted baking results to a new generation!

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