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You either love it or hate it

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A jar of marmite against a yellow background, with text to the side saying 'are you a lover of a hater?

The question is simple: are you a lover or a hater? Ever since Marmite yeast extract was first introduced to the UK in 1902, it has caused a great divide in Britain.

In 1902 the Marmite Food Company opened a small factory in Burton-on-Trent, where Marmite is still made to this day. Marmite is made from spent brewer’s yeast, but before Louis Pasteur realised that the cells in yeast were in fact living plants, people simply discarded this by-product of the brewing process. German scientist Liebig then went on to make yeast into a concentrated food product - one that resembled meat extract but was in fact vegetarian.

Today, Marmite is a nutritious, black, tasty, savoury spread that can be used in all sorts of meals. Whilst traditionally had for breakfast (on toast, crumpets or even bagels), it’s the perfect ingredient to add even more depth and flavour to any of your meals.

Following the discovery of vitamins in 1912, yeast was found to be a great source of five important 'B' vitamins. As a result, Marmite was included in soldiers' ration packs during World War I. It became a dietary supplement in prisoner-of-war camps in World War II and was sent to British peacekeeping forces in Kosovo to boost morale in 1999.

Marmite is known for its fabulous array of limited-edition jars. Some of the most memorable ones include Guinness Marmite, “Ma’amite” for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, and more recently our Elton John Rocket Man Jar (donating 50p from every jar sold to the Elton John Aids Foundation).

Marmite has had a number of heart-warming advertising campaigns over the years from ‘My Mate Marmite’ to Paddington Bear. In 2013 Marmite launched a campaign aimed at banishing widespread Marmite neglect, after research proved that consumers tend to forget about Marmite, leaving it to gather dust at the back of the cupboard. The campaign built on the much loved ‘Love it or hate it’ campaign, encouraging lovers to rescue Marmite from being forgotten about.

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