We believe that people need small moments of pleasure in their lives, treats that make them smile and lick their lips with delight.

Who better to provide this but Wall’s ice cream - after all with over 80 years of experience making ice cream, we think we’re pretty good at it!

You can trust the Wall’s brand to provide you with a range of products for all occasions, from lighter versions and mini sizes, to old favourites. There really is something for everyone, making it easier for you to enjoy Wall’s ice cream as part of a balanced diet.

At Wall's, our mission is to bring more smiles to more people. In fact, we want to deliver 100 million smiles across the world every day. Everyone knows that ice cream makes you happy. Nobody can be grumpy while eating an ice cream.

Our ambition at Wall’s is to be the protagonist for a Happier Planet. Here are some goals we are working on to achieve this mission - and some actions as well:


To help tackle climate change and reduce GHG from refrigeration, we will accelerate our roll-out of freezer cabinets that use climate-friendly (hydrocarbon) refrigerants. We have already purchased 450,000 units with the new refrigerant and will purchase a further 850,000 by 2015.

We will source cocoa sustainably for our Magnum ice cream by 2015 and all other cocoa will be sourced sustainably by 2020.

To help people make healthy choices we will reduce calories in our children’s ice creams and, by 2014, 100% will contain 110 calories or fewer per portion. By the end of 2012, 60% will already meet this target.

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