Future possibilities

We are proud of our reputation as a world leader in research and development through innovation and renovation.

Improving performance

Our new jelly stock provides a more authentic taste of bouillon.

Knorr stockpot used in making soup

Knorr Stockpots

Knorr is now launching the biggest innovation in stocks and bouillon for nearly 100 years: a little pot with an authentic bouillon: Knorr Stock Pot.

Our innovation

  • Our investment

    € 928m

    In 2010 Unilever spent €928m on research & development.

  • Our people

    6000 +

    Currently we have over 6000 people working in R&D in all Unilever regions across the globe.

  • Our inventions

    300 +

    We typically file between 250 & 350 new patent applications a year.

  • Our intellectual property

    20 000

    Worldwide we have over 20 000 registered patents & patent applications.

Our R&D experts

Rosemary, Unilever Development Nutrition Manager

Rosemary, Development Nutrition Manager, Durban, South Africa

I am learning every day, especially about partnership management.

Our R&D centres

Testing jars in our R&D lab in Cisterna

Unilever R&D, Shanghai

R&D in Shanghai focuses on synthetic chemistry and traditional Chinese medicine.