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On any given day, two billion people worldwide use a Unilever product. From food, beverages and ice cream, to household and personal care products, our well-loved brands are part of everyday life and help people feel good, look good and get more out of life.

Magnum: Join us at Regent Street in London on 31 May to celebrate #MagnumPink & #MagnumBlack with Mollie King's playful & sophisticated Magnum Pink & Black Emporium, special shopping events, DJ sets, and more. #MagnumRegentSt

PG tips: Late entry in this year's Monaco Grand Prix… Will you cheer on Team PG, chums!?

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Enjoy the latest edition to the Cornetto Enigma range – Enigma Cookie! This yummy cookie flavour ice cream is topped with chocolate-covered crunchy cookie pieces, has an irresistibly soft chocolate sauce and cookie pieces inside.

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Women follow their nose when searching for a partner. A survey found that women rate the looks of a man as less important than his smell, which apparently indicates how healthy he is – and therefore signifying how healthy his offspring might be.

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For a lighter treat, why not try Carte D’Or Vanilla Light. It’s got 50% less fat and 30% fewer calories than classic Vanilla.

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