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On any given day, two billion people worldwide use a Unilever product. From food, beverages and ice cream, to household and personal care products, our well-loved brands are part of everyday life and help people feel good, look good and get more out of life.


Magnum: Our #MagnumLDN Pleasure Store in Covent Garden London is now open until 30th August. Will you join us to design your own?

Cornetto logo

Enjoy the latest edition to the Cornetto Enigma range – Enigma Cookie! This yummy cookie flavour ice cream is topped with chocolate-covered crunchy cookie pieces, has an irresistibly soft chocolate sauce and cookie pieces inside.

Hellmann's 'Tasty Regrets' Video

Hellmann's: Edna confessed that she bought no name mayonnaise and now she's hanging her head in shame. We all have regrets Edna. Like Cheese Cones, or Fruit Salad Treasure Chests. Would you try them?

Lynx logo

Women follow their nose when searching for a partner. A survey found that women rate the looks of a man as less important than his smell, which apparently indicates how healthy he is – and therefore signifying how healthy his offspring might be.

Carte D'Or Logo

For a lighter treat, why not try Carte D’Or Vanilla Light. It’s got 50% less fat and 30% fewer calories than classic Vanilla.

Enjoy Life, Enjoy Bertolli (Bertolli advert)

Bertolli: You can enjoy life whatever your age with a Mediterranean diet which includes Bertolli. Bertolli spreads contain all the goodness of olive oil.

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