For over 40 years, Sure has been delivering long lasting protection against sweat and odour. As a result, it has become the world’s No. 1 deodorant brand and firmly established itself as an expert on the science of sweating.

Sure Women

An amazing 12 million women in the UK alone use Sure every day making it the UK’s favourite deodorant. In fact, it was voted BEST deodorant in the UK*.

A revolutionary anti-perspirant deodorant range that keeps up with you and stays a step ahead of perspiration.  How?  The intelligent motionsense™ system from Sure is a formula that responds directly to movement, providing you with our longest lasting protection ever.


Sure Maximum Protection offers the maximum wetness protection ever from Sure. With encapsulated odour-fighting technology and skin moisturising ingredients, Sure Maximum Protection leaves you feeling dry and confident for 48 hours.

SureMen –  extreme protection for extreme situations

SureMen is the UK’s number one male anti-perspirant brand selling over 25 million deodorants each year. The formulation incorporates our most advanced micro-encapsulated fragrance technology designed specially for men and engineered with over one million molecules of underarm protection.

All of the products in the range contain 0% alcohol and are proven to provide heat activated protection, which means it won’t let you down when you need it most.

* Source: 'Best Beauty Awards 2010': Best readers voted Sure Women as 'Best Deodorant'

'The Women’s Fitness Awards 2010': Women's Fitness readers voted Sure Women as 'Best Deodorant'

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  • Did you know your aerosols are recycleable

  • Situational Sweating - You know those situations, the stressful ones that are sure sweat starters - going on a date, job interviews, giving a speech at your best friend's wedding - these are the hot times you want to keep your cool. Sometimes our bodies attempt to come to the rescue with sweat and end up making us more self-conscious. Maximum Protection is clinically proven to protect you from those moments of heavier sweating, whatever the cause.

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