Come to life - Radox

Come to life with the specially blended natural ingredients in Radox.

All Radox products contain a special blend of at least two active natural ingredients specially chosen to transform bodies and minds.

We’ve been blending in this way for over 100 years to create showering experiences that that will leave you refreshed, invigorated and ready to face the day.



from our range


  • Radox has been soothing tired limbs since 1908, when our original bath salts for aching feet began our long success in mixing minerals and herbs into relaxing blends.

  • Radox Sustainable Showering - Research from Radox shows that by simply halving the length of the average daily shower to four minutes, instead of eight, consumers will save a staggering 45,000 litres of water a year on top of an average of £208 per year.

  • Radox is the number one and nations favourite washing and bathing brand, and can be found in more households than any other brand in the market.

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