Remember when you were a child? How you were free to explore, returning home covered in dirt and other stains that you wore like the badges of an intrepid discoverer?

As the first commercially available laundry detergent launched in 1909, Persil has been at the forefront of innovation for over a century, from playing a major role in abolishing ‘wash day’ at the turn of the century, which radically changed women’s roles and their working week, to being the first laundry detergent to feature a man in their TV advertising, breaking down gender stereotypes.

Throughout the years, the nature of our stains has changed but Persil has continued to lead technical invention to deliver the best cleaning results to keep our colours bright and our whites whiter-than-white.

In 1903 Professor Herman Giessler and Dr Herman Bauer from Stuttgart produced the world's first soap powder with a bleaching agent – Persil. Just six years later in 1909, Persil was launched in the UK as the 'Amazing Oxygen Washer'.

The wash day revolution brought about a complete change in the way washing was done. From the mid 1920s Persil went on the road demonstrating results to entire neighbourhoods at a time. The 33ft road show caravan was kitted-out with everything from wash boilers to electric irons – all the latest mod cons to be found in any 1920s household.

In the 1930s, Persil employed "Expert Washers" to call upon more than six million people a year, showing them the best ways to use Persil and ease the weekly laundry burden.

Jumping forward six decades, in 1998 and 2000, Persil again changed the laundry market with the very first tablets and capsules making washing clothes even more convenient for ever more time-poor households.

Persil liquids were replaced with Persil liquigels in 2003. The gel pours like a liquid and works through the fibres for a really deep clean.

Our Persil Small & Mighty range was launched in March 2007 - the UK & Ireland's first double concentrated liquid detergent.

Today the latest addition to the portfolio is Persil 2in1 with Comfort, combining the brilliant biological cleaning performance of Persil with the delicate softness and fragrance of Comfort for amazingly clean clothes that are softer and more fragrant than ever before.

With a product to suit every consumer, Persil allows you to continue exploring and living life to the full, no matter how dirty you get in the process. Today, you can still trust Persil to provide unbeatable cleaning that gets the washing clean first time, every time.

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  • This week, 17 Global Goals have been agreed by the United Nations. Persil supports Goal 4, QUALITY EDUCATION to ensure all children have the opportunity to access lifelong learning opportunities and quality education. #GlobalGoals for a #BrightFuture. We can get there. See how you can help:

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  • Persil Small & Mighty is packed with pre-treating agents so you'll only need a capful of liquid to get brilliant results in every wash.

  • Persil Small & Mighty is packed with pre-treating agents so you'll only need a capful of liquid to get brilliant results in every wash. Persil Small & Mighty’s first ever double concentrate innovation comes with sustainability benefits which help us all to lead a more sustainable lifestyle – not only does it wash effectively on cooler, shorter 30 minute cycles, reducing the greenhouse gases associated with doing the laundry at home, but the concentrated liquid allows for smaller bottles, reduced packaging and fuller trucks, taking miles off the road.

  • Fabric conditioner lightly conditions each of the fibres in your clothing, helping them to remain regular and smooth and retain their natural elasticity. Clothes washed in fabric conditioner are labour-saving too – smoother fibres make creases fall out more easily and ironing requires less effort!

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