Peperami is 100% spicy pork salami that delivers a big flavour kick. It may have arrived in the UK by mistake but it has certainly been in the right place ever since!

The container carrying the sausages to the UK in 1982 was actually supposed to be full of pâté. When the mistake was discovered the company tried the salami and fell in love with it and decided to launch the salami sausage under the name of Peperami… and it was an instant success!

The great taste of Peperami is no accident though- it is made to special authentic recipes in a country that knows all about making the perfect sausage- Germany! As you may expect from a classic sausage, Peperami is 100% pork salami. It is made with 13.8g of pork for every 10g of sausage - this is because the pork loses some weight from moisture loss during the natural drying process used to make classic salami and other classic dried meats. (Peperami is also pasteurised for food safety).

Since its eventful voyage to the UK in ’82, people just can’t get enough of Peperami, and expressed a wish for other varieties. Not wanting to disappoint, we launched Peperami ‘bunch of five’ packs in 1989, followed by Peperami Hot in 1992. Peperami Minis were introduced in 1995 and became an instant favourite for the lunchbox.

In 2003 Peperami Firestick was introduced, and in 2007 Peperami celebrated its 25th birthday! To celebrate the range, Peperami was given a birthday makeover - with fantastic new packaging and nutritional improvements, including: 30% fat and 30% saturated fat reduction in all Peperami minis, and 100% pork salami in all Peperami.

Peperami Nibblers, are bite size Peperami in a snacking bag, which were launched in August 2010.

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