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A warm welcome home. A good cuppa is at the heart of everyday British sociability.

There’s something about the taste of a good cup of tea that brings Britons together with their friends and family like nothing else.

In the 1930s, PG tips was launched in the UK as a loose leaf tea. It was originally called Pre-Gest-Tee, as it was thought that tea aided digestion. This was soon abbreviated to PG by grocers and van salesmen. The company adopted this as the official name and added ‘tips’.

By the 60s the PG tips tea bag was launched, revolutionising how we make a cup of tea. This was taken one step further in 1996 when the revolutionary pyramid teabag was launched, providing more space inside acting like a miniature teapot, giving the leaves more room to move.

In 2011 PG tips launched “The Special Moments range” of teas. PG tips knows how much consumers love their normal cup of tea but there are moments when they wants something a little more special, a twist to their everyday cuppa. That’s why PG tips has created a range of teas that taste just a bit different, so consumers are sure to find the perfect tea whatever the mood or occasion. The range is made by 4 variants: The Fresh One, The Strong One, The Evening One and The Hint of Earl Grey One.

Sustainable tea 

At PG tips we’re proud to be one of the major tea brands with 100% Rainforest Alliance certified tea. So you can enjoy your cup of PG tips safe in the knowledge that we’re looking after the people who grow your tea.
Every day, we drink 165 million cups of tea! But what happens to all those tea bags after they’ve been used? Well, many of them are simply thrown in the bin, meaning they end up in landfill – which is harmful to the environment. In fact tea bags are the largest contributor to unavoidable waste in the UK, generating 370,000 tonnes every year!

In 2012 we launched a project with Chelmsford Council, Brentwood Borough Council and WRAP to encourage tea drinkers in Essex to recycle their used tea bags along with their food waste collections. With these sustainable thoughts in mind, you can feel warm inside for two reasons as you drink your favourite brew.

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PG tips
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    31 Oct

  • PG tips is second only to water as being the best drink to hydrate with. Drinking up to six cups of PG tips can contribute towards your daily water requirements of 1.5-3 litres per day.

  • An average cup of PG tips is virtually fat free. Drunk black, one cup is calorie free, and even with semi-skimmed milk typically contains just 14 calories. And, to make things even better, the same cup contains only half the caffeine of an average cup of brewed coffee.

  • Pg tips is a natural source of flavonoids antioxidants. These are also found in fruit and vegetables.

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