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This passion for flavour lies at the heart of the Knorr brand – and it’s the reason why Knorr is Unilever’s number one food brand. Recognised and appreciated around the world, Knorr offers a wide range of Stock cubes and jelly, soups and sauces in the UK and Ireland today.

The business began when founder Carl Heinrich Knorr experimented with drying seasonings and vegetables to preserve their flavour and nutritional value. He set up a factory in 1838, producing the first Knorr product – which was called ‘Erbswurst’ or ‘Soup Sausage’ – a quick supplement for industrial workers. In 1873 Heinrich Knorr also dried soups which were sold in shops across continental Europe. By 1885, pre-cooked foods were developed.

In 2000 the Knorr Brand was acquired by Unilever through a merger with Bestfoods. Unilever announced a major programme to invest £20 million in the Knorr brand, with 120 products re-launched and launched under the Knorr label in the UK.

Knorr revolutionized the stocks market in 2008 with the launch of its Knorr Stock Pot. This unique offering continues to help grow the stocks market year on year.

Today, Knorr is proud to be the ultimate culinary partner, with the Knorr Chefs crafting products that put delicious and nutritious meals in everyone’s reach. From Stock Cubes and Stock Pots, to the award-winning Gravy Pots and innovative new Flavour Pots, there’s a Knorr product to perfectly complement your cooking.

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Knorr Rich Beef Stock Pot
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  • Knorr Stock Pot 2015

    Knorr Stock Pot 2015

  • Flavour Pot Ad – Tomato and Herb Pasta.

  • 3 Easy Steps to Delicious Chicken

    Back in 2007 Marco Pierre White shared one of his professional culinary tips with the world – he’d been using Knorr Stock Cubes as a seasoning, because they enhanced the natural flavours of his meat better than traditional salt and pepper. “I’ve used Knorr Stock Cubes in my kitchens for 30 years. It is my secret ingredient.” This video shows one of the Knorr chefs demonstrating this simple yet delicious technique for achieving richer, deeper, fuller flavoured chicken in your own home, and shows the difference that a Knorr cube can make vs salt and pepper seasoning. The two pieces of chicken are from the same packet, have been cooked for exactly the same amount of time, using the same amount of oil and by the same chef – but with Knorr, the end result is beautifully golden and bursting with flavour. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself! • Gluten free • No added MSG • Free from artificial preservatives, colours or flavour enhancers • Suitable for a lactose free diet Knorr Stock Cubes offer an expert blend of herbs, seasonings and real meat extracts that delicately enhance the natural flavours of your meat. When added to olive oil, Knorr stock cubes blend smoothly into a paste, making them perfect for marinating. Try it for yourself! Video produced by TPN Retail Marketing

  • People who eat healthy soups tend to have a lower Body Mass Index, lower fat intake and lower serum cholesterol.

  • Knorr Stock Cubes are now free from artificial colours, artificial preservatives and have no added MSG, but maintain the same great taste.

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