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Impulse was originally launched in South Africa in 1972 as a 'perfume deodorant', the first product to combine fragrance with deodorant. In 1979 its popularity spread to the UK where it rapidly built up a 5% share of the deodorant market.

Since its launch, each Impulse variant has been founded on the brand’s core values of fragrance and romance – its slogan, “Men can’t help acting on Impulse” reaffirms the brand’s mission to inspire spontaneous, romantic gestures from men by helping women to smell and feel gorgeous.

With names like Temptation, True Love and Romantic Spark, Impulse understands how to capture female allure in a body spray. Over the years Impulse has consistently developed its scent library to keep the range fresh and up-to-date. Its innovations extend beyond product development – it was the first product to be advertised on Satellite TV in October 1981. However, whilst the brand is known for its ever-changing range, one of its founding fragrances, Hint of Musk, has been available since Impulse’s launch.

In 2009 the brand introduced a new look for its products – Romantic Spark and Into Glamour were launched in collaboration with popular girl band The Saturdays. Into Glamour, a sparkling floral fragrance with oriental notes, had a significantly bolder look than previous variants, and encouraged consumers to view Impulse as a must-have handbag essential.

Today, Impulse is proud to be the UK & Ireland’s best selling female body spray. Its latest fragrance, Loving Words, has combined lusciously floral scents with fruity notes. As well as a tongue-in-cheek advert set in a library, the fragrance has been endorsed by Caggie Dunlop, star of Made in Chelsea, who helped bring to life the concept that Loving Words does the flirting for you – wearing it, you won’t need words.

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  • Impulse body spray fragrances have been developed by Ann Gottlieb – the famous 'nose' who also creates signature scents for well-known perfumes in collaboration with the best fragrance houses in the world.

  • The process of creating a perfume is exactly the same as for an Impulse body spray which makes Impulse the perfect everyday fragrance.

  • Every new variant in the Impulse range follows the latest fragrance trend in the fine fragrance market and is therefore bang on trend.

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