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You only have to take a bite from one of the ice creams in the much-loved HB's impulse range to experience the true magic of ice cream. But with so many yummy choices, the only problem knowing where to begin.

Tasty favourites for all young and old with brands like Calippo, Loop the Loop, Push up with Hairbo and Twister constantly on the HB’s top sellers list.

Iceberger continues to be Ireland’s favourite ice cream, loved by all age groups. It’s the ice cream treat that sells all year round no matter what the weather with its delicious vanilla ice cream nestling between two scrumptious sandwich biscuits.

Wibbly Wobbly Wonder is a delicious ice cream made of strawberry and banana flavour ice creams with lemon flavour jelly topped with chocolate flavour coating. The jelly is yummy!

Brunch is a biscuit crumble coated vanilla and strawberry flavour ice cream. The crispiness of the biscuit mixed with the soft strawberry flavour ice cream ensures it hits the spot.

Calippo, famous water ice in a tube, is the perfect way to enjoy that summer feeling all year round in a choice of orange and delicious strawberry and tropical flavours.
Twister is one to tangle you tongue around – bursting with the zingy flavours of pear, vanilla and strawberry. Twister first spun onto the market in 1982.
Loop the Loop is a clear winner amongst kids who like the refreshing taste of a lemon and lime flavour  lolly partly dipped in  a delicious chocolate flavour coating .  First launched in 1977, this classic still has the same great taste.
Push Up with Haribo is a delicious vanilla flavoured ice cream with swirls of strawberry sauce on a push up stick filled with yummy Haribo gummy bears. As a fantastic confectionary brand with mass appeal, HB’s partnership with Haribo gives kids something that is both exciting and fun to eat and at only 90 calories per ice cream it ticks all mums’ needs too!!

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