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Mention ice cream and most people in Ireland think of HB. The nation’s number one ice cream brand that has brought you a number of much-loved classics favourites over the years such as Brunch and Ice Berger to global brands like Magnum and Cornetto

In 1898, William and Margaret Hughes built their new Hazelbrook farmhouse in Rathfarnham. In 1924, their three sons, James, George and William established Ireland’s first dairy factory at Hazelbrook Farm. In 1926, in order to use up the surplus milk and cream that was produced during the spring and summer, the three Hughes Brothers took another momentous decision – they began to manufacture ice cream. From this small, family run operation, Ireland’s favourite ice cream brand, HB, was born.

Although Hughes Brothers was acquired by W.R. Grace and Co., New York in 1964 and subsequently by Unilever in 1973, the late William W. Hughes, son of James, one of the founding brothers, remained an influential board member until his retirement in 1982.

Today HB brand consists of ice cream covering in home and out of home ranges . The in home range consists of HB’s famous Hazelbrook Farm family range of tubs and bricks, the Viennetta range of ice cream desserts, premium Carte D’Or tubs and our very successful multipacks. The out of home range is a HB success story and includes brands like Magnum, Solero, Cornetto, Kids and Classics. The kids range is specially formulated for little taste buds with favourites such as Loop the Loop, Twister and Calippo. The classics range is hugely popular in Ireland with some of the country’s biggest selling ice creams such as Ice Berger, Maxi Twist, Choc Ice and Brunch - ice creams that we grew up with and still love!

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